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Zcash Mining Broken Down

Zcash, as we know it now, was founded in October of 2016 by Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn, a software developer.

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Zcash, as we know it now, was founded in October of 2016 by Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn, a software developer. The concept of this money was partly inspired by Bitcoin. Zooko appreciated the concept of Bitcoin but disliked the way that almost everyone could observe the transactions that take place on the blockchain. As a result, he set out to build a blockchain that would enable users to transmit and receive cryptocurrency discreetly.

How Zcash Started?

This was not going to be an easy process. Zcash started by forking the original Bitcoin code and implementing several improvements to it. This made it private and fast through the application of a new privacy technology called zero-knowledge proofs (originally described in the 1980s). They duplicate the original code after forking the blockchain. However, the modifications added to it are supposed to make it better, or at the very least, distinct. The Zcash blockchain uses the ZEC coin. There are a total of 21 million ZEC coins available. This blockchain executes transactions much faster than Bitcoin’s blockchain. It is much more scalable, which indicates it can handle a large volume of transactions simultaneously.


To recap, Zcash is a blockchain and cryptocurrency that permits private transactions on a public blockchain, enabling businesses and consumers to decide who sees transaction information, even on a permissionless network.

Mining ZEC

On October 28, 2016, they mine the genesis block of Zcash. The proof-of-work mining method protects the network, which signifies that miners compete for computing power in order to create a new block on the chain. The first person to create the block receives a network-standard block reward. For Zcash, a block incentive of 3.125, they distribute ZEC every 75 seconds. This value divides in half every four years in block division until all 21 million ZEC distributes.

During the mining operation, application-specific computers battle to solve a complex arithmetic problem predetermined by the Equihash hashing algorithm. They discourage  GPU mining of Zcash due to the increasing hash rate and network challenges, and ASIC mining is more practical.

You can theoretically create a competent Zcash mining set up by yourself, although if you do not have a lot of spare cash for mining, you can check for Zcash cloud mining options. Because of the rising network hash rate, Zcash solo mining, like Bitcoin mining, has grown extremely costly over the past years, ASICs or no ASICs.

How to begin mining

Firstly, set up the mining equipment by purchasing specialized ASIC hardware—the most crucial aspect here is your power supply. According to Zcash’s mining guide, owing to the high volume of ASICs during mining. It may be desirable to have your ASICs hosted at a mining hosting site for a price.

The next step is to obtain a ZAC address. You will need this wallet address before you can set up the miner. This is critical because the coins that users mine requires a destination to be sent to. You can save your tokens in a hot wallet, which is any wallet with an internet connection, or a cold wallet, which is a hardware wallet with no immediate internet connection. The most secure solution is a hardware wallet, which most individuals advocate using whenever possible.

The literal process of mining is the next phase in Zcash mining.

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