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Why doesn’t Theta Market More?

Projects have been aggressive in marketing their tokens and project since the beginning of cryptocurrency, particularly during the first Ethereum ICO bubble.

Why doesn’t Theta Market More? iBase Trading.
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Projects have been aggressive in marketing their tokens and project since the beginning of cryptocurrency, particularly during the first Ethereum ICO bubble. The most well-known crypto slumlord, Justin Sun, is famous for his shameless, irrational, and excessively greedy advertising. It can be appealing for the inexperienced crypto investor to follow the money of what is pumping or extensively push and get in for what appears to be a secure investment.

However, as we’ve seen throughout time, many projects have lost market capitalization, demonstrated little utility or real-world applications, and the vast majority of blockchain ventures have no meaningful purpose. Greed has always existed. This is why there are over 1,000 publicly traded blockchain projects. Their tokens have value even though rarely used. Then there are the outright scams and rug pulls. For example, marketing and promotion are critical for genuine products and awareness. But this is not always the case in the blockchain.


Because Theta Network is an infrastructure project, their target audience is CTOs in companies that rely substantially on content delivery. This implies the Theta Labs team is primarily concerned with raising awareness among key participants in video platforms and other businesses with high content delivery costs. Theta’s mission is to extend into every aspect of content delivery. This is where the Theta Network can help traditional delivery systems become more efficient. These include their primary function of delivering video and console/video game patches (often several gigabytes in size and highly concurrent depending on when they are released and when gamers begin downloading shortly afterward), video advertisements, and all other highly contemporary large data deliveries.

Theta Network Focused On Recruiting Players

To summarize, Theta Network is more focused on recruiting key players that will use their decentralized peer-to-peer data distribution infrastructure than on promoting their edge node, or their tokens. This is to the ordinary crypto newbie who doesn’t even grasp the more significant concept. Theta Network’s technology and value proposition are vertical. They extend from the edge node user to the video platform, the publisher, and even online video advertising. As a result, marketing to end users, edge node operators, or casual investors will not help the Theta Network develop.

Theta Labs’ best form of marketing is getting large platforms to integrate the Theta Network infrastructure. It provides more value down the funnel, from increasing user engagement on video platforms to their users donating/purchasing products. All the way to the edge node operator who will be relaying data to their neighbors. Furthermore, the more platforms that join the network, the higher the network use on all ends. Therefore, higher token demand, resulting in proper and natural usage and price increases, rather than hype or FOMO.

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