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Harmony: What Exactly is it?

Harmony is indeed a blockchain-based framework that promises to solve the problem of scaling and decentralization without abandoning both.

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Harmony debuted in May 2019 as a component of the Binance (BNB) Launchpad’s initial exchange offering or the IEO. Its goal is to serve as a link amongst scalability and decentralization initiatives.

The tagline “decentralization at scale” was the inspiration for this design. With a focus upon information collaboration and the development of the exchangeable coin. Additionally, is the non-fungible asset exchanges.


Harmony also claims to deliver large bandwidth with reduced delay and expenses. Once things merge, they’re required to put the system at the forefront of attempts. This is to lay the framework for potential decentralized trust-free markets.

Harmony was founded in 2018, prior to the IEO. So who is the mastermind underlying Harmony? The company’s financing round reportedly generated $18 million in April 2019. It drew attention from a number of stakeholders. Notably Silicon Valley’s Consensus Capital, Hong Kong’s Lemniscap VC, and many others. Investors purchased about $2.8 billion in ONE token from the firms. Alongside $12.6 billion made available towards pre-mining.

Harmony provides shareholders unique accessibility to an environment. It will allow the firm to be adopted along with a wide range of industries. This includes an emphasis on information sharing, decentralized marketplaces, distribution network monitoring, advertising platforms, credit score platforms, and entertainment.

How Harmony ONE Works

Harmony enhances scalability and activity and block creation by the utilization of randomized information workloads. To minimize delay, randomized data sharding enables the system to partition the database across shorter portions called shards.

Furthermore, sharding enables near-instantaneous operations despite preventing congestion issues.

It is based on a distributed randomness generator in the sharding method. It employs an adaptable proof-of-stake consensus protocol. This configuration allows for safety, scalability, and convenient and straightforward confirmation.

Fast Byzantine Fault Tolerance is another name for the FBFT protocol. The Harmony system makes use of a variant of the BFT guidelines. By handling activities simultaneously, FBFT increases the pace and effectiveness of the Harmony network. Meanwhile, Harmony reduces transmission expenses. An aggregated verification is used to validate operations. Enabling 250 or even more validators to achieve a consensus in much less than 2 seconds.

What Does it Use?

Harmony would be an accessible and fast blockchain with a mainnet based on the Ethereum system. It has a transaction certainty of 2 seconds with 1,000x cheaper costs than Ether.

Harmony chain is an Ethereum-based L2 blockchain technology that makes things simpler for programmers to construct decentralized applications. Harmony, like numerous existing layer 2 or L2 platforms, has its own community token. Also, Harmony ONE that emphasizes the system’s goal of supporting billions of people around the world using open agreement methods.

Due to Ethereum’s high gas prices, more cryptocurrencies are working on scaling alternatives in an effort to unseat Ethereum. Known as one of the leading networks for the development of decentralized applications (DApps). Harmony, apart from most other systems throughout this category, works alongside Ethereum instead of against it.

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