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Welcome to Decentraland

Have you ever watched Ready Player One and wondered what it would be like to live in a world like that?

Welcome to Decentraland! iBase Trading.
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Have you ever watched Ready Player One and wondered what it would be like to live in a world like that? You can play in a virtual casino, tour online civilizations, party at a metaverse disco, and race digital collector vehicles with friends from all over the world from the comfort of your couch. There’s always Minecraft, Roblox, and Second Life to keep you occupied. So, what’s the problem?

The above-mentioned names are operated on permissioned platforms and can be switched off with a switch. If this occurs, there is almost nothing players can do. Despite the fact that many games are open sandboxes, players are frequently limited by regulations. They have no say in the decision-making process. Furthermore, in these games, money transactions (or micro-transactions) are neither permanent nor interwoven into the gameplay with authentic finance.


What we require is the guarantee of an irrepressible game engine, underpinned by decentralized governance. Moreover, complemented by the immersive environment of on-chain transactions via frictionless wallet interactions. Is there a Ready Player One scenario with gamified financing that doesn’t require permission right now? Decentraland, Cryptovoxels, The Sandbox, and more projects are already working on trustless metaverses. Decentraland is the oldest and also the most complex of these.

In reality, Elon Musk has been pushing $DOGE memes. Tesla has announced a Bitcoin investment, and r/wallstreetbets has been one-upping Wall Street in terms of $GME, $AMC, and other stocks. However, there are even stranger adventures in Decentraland, a virtual realm.

Amusing things discovered in the Decentraland

“A casino the size of a planet” in OASIS was one of the first shots in Ready Player One. You are spoiled for options in Decentraland. Decentral Games, Inc., the first social metaverse casino where anybody can be the house, operates many casinos in the Vegas City District.

Chateau Satoshi (-75, 77), Tominoya (-119, 133), and Serenity Island are the three currently functioning destinations where you can try your hand (-145, 115). Anyone tempted to try it out should be aware that you can only participate in Decentral Games. It is only if your actual jurisdiction authorizes gambling.

Participants own Decentral Games, and they partake in decision-making by staking $DG, the native coin. In the DAO, even financial choices are made by user vote (decentralized autonomous organization). The DAO presently has millions of dollars worth of assets in its community wallet. Assets include  LAND parcels, NFTs, and $DG.

The community can submit and vote on recommendations to use these funds to establish casinos, games, and art galleries, among other things. Playing games with $MANA and $DAI (commonly known as gameplay mining), liquidity farming, and governance rewards are all ways to make $DG.

The Digital Currency Group supports the project which started in 2019, Cluster Capital, Hiraku, and others. There are currently blackjack, roulette, slots, and backgammon games available. Texas hold’em Poker will be the next game to be released, followed by Baccarat.

NFT Auctions and Casino Night Parties

The casinos also organize events such as NFT auctions and casino night parties, in addition to solitary games. Transactions process on the Matic sidechain. This avoids Ethereum chain delays, and Decentral Games reimburse any gas expenses. As a result, there is no need for players to be concerned about gas or block verification latencies.

“On an average event day, we have roughly 300 people playing both free-to-play games and games played with MANA and DAI,” Decentral Games creator and project lead Miles Anthony spoke of the user numbers. “Since debut, total bets have surpassed USD 20 million, and we’re extending the network to meet demand. The number of users is absolutely rising significantly! ”

Presently, the network has USD 7+ million in TVL (total value locked) from investors. According to the team, functionality for $USDT and $USDC will join, as well as a new cyberpunk-themed casino, community and private poker rooms, and celebrity poker events for charity.

The Trail Transit System

Any metaverse needs a contemporary transportation infrastructure to get its citizens around. The Trail Transit System, developed by Polygonal Mind, a 3-D art studio and a well-known institution in Decentraland, is located in South Decentraland. Polygonal Mind has been in business since 2017 and has engaged in a variety of initiatives, such as PC and mobile games, augmented and virtual reality apps, and blockchain projects. They heavily interest in the creation of Decentraland and have since developed a number of metaverse initiatives. Momus Park, the Escape Room, and the Aetherian B. Museum are just a few of their numerous contributions.

The train transit system’s design (-68, -117) was a linear track with onboard and offboard stations between the line’s beginning and finish. From the street level, an elevator takes you to the stations. The train consists of two wagons traveling in different directions to minimize long lines of passengers.

The design of the terminals and trains significantly influences the acclaimed PC game BioShock. Each stop has two sets of platforms, with one at 16 meters and the other at 32 meters. All of the platforms link in such a way that if you accidentally miss your stop, you can easily turn around in the opposite direction, just like on a regular subway.

These are just a few of Decentraland’s countless adventures. There’s a lot more to do, like Tamagotchi-style dragon raising (My Little Dragon), exploring island forests (Lemursiv by Eden Projects), throwing pickaxes at the Viking Gym, buying merch in Barter Town, and so forth.

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