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VER’s Recent Live Token Listings

VersalNFT’s utility token, VER is now live on CoinGecko.com after its official coin listing on the exchange platform.

VER’s Recent Live Token Listings iBase Trading.
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VersalNFT’s utility token, VER is now live on CoinGecko.com after its official coin listing on the exchange platform. This followed the coin listing on the crypto exchange platform the XT.Com. On CoinGecko, the VER token is at an initial selling price of $0.01 with a trading volume of $332.348.

Traders and investors can now purchase and sell VER tokens on the most trusted crypto exchanges. VER got its first listing from XT.Com. XT.Com is renowned as the world’s first social-infused exchange providing excess to the Innovative Listing Zone. CoinGecko, on the other hand, is an online platform and mobile app. It collects information on the performance of the vast majority of cryptocurrencies.


As a utility token of VersalNFT, token holders can use VER for all sales, purchases, payments, and rewards. The system releases NFT documents, in particular, into circulation inside the internal ecosystem of the virtual legal space. It will do so with the use of VER tokens.

The VersalNFT Team Welcomes its Users

The VersalNFT network, with Vitaliy Chiryassov as its chief executive officer, believes that achieving these token listings will make VER available to buyers all around the world. Furthermore, they emphasized that they are sticking to their strategy. And this strategy is reaching out to the global market to maintain the high value of the VER token.

The VersalNFT team has just begun their journey into the virtual world, which includes a multi-user interface for data creation, storage, and management. The main feature of the project is the ability to produce a personal digital signature in NFT. This signature also includes the information of the owner. With this, the team welcomes the public to the real-time regulated virtual space.

Other VER Updates

In the previous week, VersalNFT was happy to announce to the public that they have officially published the network’s first version of their Whitepaper. They regarded the whitepaper as the most significant and informative document for all cryptocurrency users on the planet.

The whitepaper provides technical and economic ecosystem updates. Furthermore, it also provides the VersalNFT Roadmap, to give its readers a clearer idea of what the VersalNFT team is working on and how far the team has progressed. Moreover, they believe that the publishing of the VersalNFT whitepaper is a great chance for them to talk about the project’s mission and vision, as well as inform newbies about the product.

The VersalNFT team described the whitepaper as rather straightforward to comprehend. This is regardless of whether the reader is a trader, a crypto investor, or simply someone who works in the IT industry and keeps track of all the developments in the cryptocurrency field.

The VersalNFT network targets to release the first version of their Webapp before the last quarter of the year. The same goes for other plans such as adding new members to their skillful team and announcing new partnerships with other crypto platforms and businesses.

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