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US Politicians Embracing Crypto Alarms

Nowadays, most policymakers are into technology, believing that it is the key to remodeling the future into a better one.

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Nowadays, most policymakers are into crypto technology, believing that it is the key to remodeling the future into a better one.

Various states in America believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain are the future. The Mayor of Miami declared publicly that the city is eyeing Bitcoin payments as acceptable for tax payments. Thus, it is diverting its employees’ salaries into the cryptocurrency. The biggest bitcoin event in history, like Crypto Conferences, Bitcoin 2021, selected Miami to be its host city. Miami has been seen as a place that has a lot of potential for this kind of field.


Eric Adams, the next Mayor of New York City, commented that bitcoin was the new style of paying for products internationally. He also added that schools “must” spread the word on what’s behind the technology. He also acknowledged it as a new way of thinking.

Adams expects to teach cryptocurrencies in schools and is firmly convinced that the city will become a hotspot. He is also considering receiving his first three paychecks through bitcoin payment.

Cryptos’ Negative Effects in America

Reshaping America’s future on this kind of technology has divided people’s perspectives on whether it will be good for everyone’s future. Introducing mining cryptocurrency has brought up negative past issues with it. The plan for continuing to operate the technology could be really risky and notoriously environmentally unhealthy.

Records on cryptocurrency in local communities like Seneca Lake, New York, and Limestone and Jonesborough, Tennessee have shown negative impacts on their environment. A letter stated the impacts, such as environmental destruction, noise pollution, and affecting its property value. The existing power plant there is rapidly increasing its carbon emissions. It was recorded that it rose up to almost ten times in 2020. Residents disclosed that Seneca Lake is on the verge of mirroring a hot tub. This is all due to the heightened power demand.

The South-Central Region of the United States, Texas, encountered some problems too. Numerous cryptocurrency miners transferred to Texas after China’s repression of bitcoin mining. The households experienced dark and freezing moments that happened last February. Environmental groups warn that pressure extension on Texas’s grid could result in enormous blackouts. Some places in the country are establishing coal-fired plants to continue powering bitcoin mining.


According to records globally, the bitcoin mining footprint is higher than that of the United Arab Emirates and falls just below that of the Netherlands. The Digiconomist published that a bitcoin transaction utilizes the same amount of energy that an average American household’s monthly consumption. Thus, making it proportionally a million times higher in carbon emissions than a single credit card transaction.

Producing such currencies leaves the miners no choice but to wrestle their way to achieving transactions on their blockchains. That alone produces strong, power-hungry servers. When mining bitcoin, energy from fossil fuels is highly required.  This then produces air pollution and carbon emissions, said Benjamin A. Jones, an economist at the University of New Mexico.

Crypto Mining Effects on Health and Environment

People should be concerned about the impact of mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on the environment and climate. He also added that pollution emissions affect humans’ health and that carbon emissions led to climate contamination.

According to an article co-authored by Jones, each $1 Bitcoin created in 2018 is more likely to have an impact of $0.49 on health and climate compensation. The value of Bitcoin produced is almost half that of a coin value. On the other hand, in the U.S., the negative impact of Bitcoin mining on human health and the climate impact was about half that of per coin. He articulated that everyone, even those who do not use bitcoin or cryptocurrencies experiences it’s effects.  Cryptocurrencies affects negatively and is impacting tremendous societal costs.

Crypto mining is usually stationed near the cheapest least-regulated sources of energy.It is such because mining crypto requires so much power. Jones and his colleagues disclosed that the burning of fossil fuels used to produce energy is the cause of increased pollutants. Exposure to the burning associates with a heightened risk of premature death.

Addressing Crypto Mining Problems

Last month, a letter was addressed to Congress, imploring the appointed leaders to do something about the climate implications of cryptocurrency. 70 groups of the Climate, Economy, and Racial Justice Groups also wrote in a letter pointing out that the use, mining, and extraction of cryptocurrencies resulted in several complications. Complications include  extremely high levels of carbon emissions and other environmental problems. In particular, the enormous power-consuming proof-of-work performed by the two largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether.

The Action Center on Race and the Economy’s Erika Thi Patterson cited in the letter about  the impact of cryptocurrency on the environment. It is showing how governments will do nothing just to create profits for investors. She also said that only communities of color will pay the price.

Miners of cryptocurrencies are dependent on harmful fuels like coal that produce toxic emissions that cause serious health problems. If continued, cryptocurrency will accelerate the climate chaos that the world has been dealing with for decades.

Jones commented, particularly on bitcoin, that no one can be able to accept a lone coin without knowing its impacts on the environment. Adopting cryptocurrencies also means that political leaders in America and policymakers must tackle the environmental and climate damage caused by mining operations.

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