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Uniswap Subgraph Halting Post-Mortem

The Graph's hosted service encountered a problem early this morning, causing the Uniswap subgraph to become stalled.

Uniswap Subgraph Halting Post-Mortem iBase Trading.
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The Graph’s hosted service encountered a problem early this morning, causing the Uniswap subgraph to become stalled. The data on the uniswap website and any other apps that query the Uniswap subgraph were affected. There was no impact on Uniswap trading pages. The issue was resolved shortly after 6 a.m. PT; however, re-syncing the nodes and process blocks took several hours because the subgraph is data-intensive.

The team talked with developers on Discord. After discovering a problem, they tweeted about it to ensure the community was aware of it.


Some data from the Uniswap subgraph appeared out of date or unavailable. This is because of two problems with the hosted service.

Error in the Uniswap Subgraph

There was a problem with Ethereum contract calls in the Uniswap subgraph. This caused Uniswap to come to a standstill. Also, the data was delayed for several hours. It concluded after all nodes were resynchronized and all blocks were processed.

Due to reorgs or Ethereum node inconsistencies, contract calls by block number can call distinct blocks when working against the head block. Conflicting data prevents Graph Node from processing new partnerships for the affected subgraph, prioritizing safety over liveability.

Outage for 10 minutes

In addition, the hosted service was down owing to server overload between 8:53 and 9:03 a.m. PST (10 minutes) right before the event. When it was processing over 6K inquiries per second. The hosted service has continued to process between 4,000 and 6,000 queries per second throughout the day after our nodes resynchronized.

The Graph Improvement

There have been major upgrades to the infrastructure and internal processes since the last outage when DeFi began eating the planet. The Graph Network won’t be live until the end of the year. Because of that, the company needs to do more to maintain the stability of the hosted service until then.

Indexers from Third Parties

The Graph already has over 200 Indexers on the testnet, which is an early version of the network. Stress testing the network, doing security audits, and preparing for mainnet launch will take longer. Even though the team can start relying on these Indexers to offer failover and backup support right now.

Relying on this varied community of Indexers in the coming weeks assists the team in increasing the number of Ethereum nodes. It also helps in maintaining a greater level of service quality.

Moving Forward

The Graph aims to provide a reliable indexing layer to enable decentralized and serverless applications. They also provide public infrastructure.

As their usage grows, there will be greater demand for decentralized infrastructure to support DeFi and Web3 applications. This makes them unstoppable and eliminates single points of failure. The Graph Network will be a vital data layer for developing new applications. Many Indexers and Curators will provide a hand in achieving the network’s aims.

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