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Unbounded Capital: Bullish on Bitcoin SV

Unbounded Capital's Opportunity Fund increased 348.7% throughout 2020, and the firm believes Bitcoin SV has a bright future in 2021.

Unbounded Capital More Bullish than Ever on Bitcoin SV iBase Trading.
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Unbounded Capital’s Opportunity Fund increased 348.7% throughout 2020, and the firm believes Bitcoin SV has a bright future in 2021. The trading firm noted technological upgrades to BSV’s operating capacities. The settlement of current legal challenges in the future year as prospective drivers for the growth in BSV was delivered to shareholders in an end-of-year overview letter.

Bitcoin SV

Unbounded added that 2021 exhibited even greater potential. The firm is more confident than ever. The BSV environment and the BSV assets in the first half of 2021 had positive news articles. A new proof of BSV’s authenticity would be given in court if certain litigation. This are the Kleiman v. Wright corporate dispute and the Wright v. McCormack libel case, were to be resolved.


In the upcoming years, BSV will see significant advancements in its transaction handling ability. This will lead to fresh discoveries as BSV businesses introduce software innovations. The current markets significantly influences to drive new adoption.

In August 2018, Unbounded Capital established Ezra Capital LLC as well as the Ezra New Economy Fund. It is within the San Francisco Bay Area. Nevertheless, after becoming acquainted with BSV in November 2018, they were forced to confront the realization. Realization that much of what they thought people knew about blockchains may be incorrect.

Unbounded Capital

From April 2019, the firm only invested in the BSV ecosystem.  They claim that the change was required to meet its fiduciary requirements.

To highlight its renewed emphasis, the company changed its name to Unbounded Capital. In 2020, it issued an e-book summarizing the insights it had learned regarding the blockchain economy.

Since that day, its Opportunity Fund has committed to five BSV companies. Two of those companies went on to raise larger sums of money. According to Unbounded, all five had experienced tremendous growth.

Additionally, it contrasted the Fund’s 2020 development of 348.7% to the S&P 500’s increase of 22.68%. The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index’s growth of 69.79%. The BSV device price’s rise of 150.175% during a similar time. BSV asset expansion and Portfolio Company margins contributed roughly to Unbounded Capital’s profits from April 2019.

Unbounded recently announced that its offices have relocated from San Francisco to Austin, Texas. It does have Denver and New York City as allies.

The five active partnership firms are HandCash, Run, Xoken Labs, Planaria, and UNISOT.


HandCash Connect is a new SDK from HandCash that makes it easier for developers to create BSV applications that work with HandCash’s wallet UI. In 2020, main consumers included USDC stablecoin as well as Kronoverse’s Cryptofights games.


Run is a token system that provides a quicker and much more scalable token-creation alternative than Ethereum. A major client includes the USDC stablecoin and Kronoverse’s Cryptofights match. Unwriter’s Planaria continued to produce back-end technologies that power many BSV applications. On the other hand, the PowPing social media platform gave ordinary consumers a sample of Unwriter’s skills.

Xoken Labs

Notwithstanding Satoshi Nakamoto’s statement of SPV as the ultimate way ahead for Bitcoin scalability in his initial 2008 white paper, Xoken Labs produced Xoken Nexa. This was also the first deployment of a real SPV service. Unbounded Enterprise, Unbounded’s sibling company, utilizes Xoken Labs’ future product, Vega, a network application.

Moreover, three funds managed by Unbounded Capital participate in the BSV industry. As BSV’s flexibility and usability become much more generally acknowledged, the firm predicts that more organizations will choose to build atop it in the immediate and long term. Despite the numerous failures and delays that occurred in 2020, Unbounded remained optimistic about BSV in 2021, and it may even exceed projections.

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