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Ukrainians Pay 5% Premium for Tether

Ukraine's residents are migrating to cryptocurrency as the country's central bank begins to impose limits on all digital payment operations.

Ukrainians Pay 5% Premium for Tether iBase Trading.
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Ukrainians are migrating to cryptocurrency as the country’s central bank begins to impose limits on all digital payment operations.

As a consequence, a large percentage of people have purchased blockchain-based stablecoins. Tether’s USDT stablecoin is presently selling at a 5% premium on Ukraine’s prominent crypto exchange Kuna, according to the recent news.


Ukraine’s central bank has stopped the issuing of fiat exchange at retail bank locations. This incident is due to the present conflict between the two countries. They’ve also curtailed the state’s money exchange system.

Donations and Crypto Transactions by Ukrainians

Michael Chobanian, the CEO of Kuna, stated that the value of Ukraine’s native money is insufficient and that security in the financial sector has eroded. As a result, the vast numbers of individuals have no other option except to invest in cryptocurrency.

In addition, following Russia’s military intervention, Ukraine has received large donations in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum, has criticized Russia’s ongoing aggression on Ukraine.

Despite Russia’s attack, Ukraine has collected more than $17 million in bitcoin pledges. Approximately $10 million was immediately contributed to cryptocurrency wallets. The Ukrainian state made this announcement around 24 hours after soliciting grants in bitcoin, ether, as well as a tether.

Elliptic went on to say that cryptocurrency supporters aren’t only giving money to the Ukrainian administration. Consumers are therefore transferring NFTs to the Ukrainian state’s Ethereum wallet, according to the business. The amount of one NFT is around $300.

In addition to donations to the Ukrainian government, another non-governmental group has got a tremendous quantity of bitcoin. Come Back Alive, according to Bitcoin.com News, has generated more than $5 million in bitcoin. The group has collected 170.05722596 BTC just at the time of posting. The value of the coin is around $6.6 million at the present bitcoin market.

Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Demand

On Sunday, February 27, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov mentioned that local independent cryptocurrency exchanges should restrict Russian customers’ credentials.

Vice Prime Minister Fedorov said in a tweet that he is requesting that all leading crypto exchanges will restrict addresses belonging that belong to Russian customers. It’s critical to disrupt regular customers as well as the addresses associated with Russian and Belarusian leaders.

Several industry analysts, nevertheless, disagree with this position. They are claiming that this would be unjust to punish the Russian people in this case.

Following its invasion of Ukraine last week, Russia has already been hit with a series of economic sanctions. During the continuing violence, cryptocurrency has occupied a central place. Also, Russia was considering adopting Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies as an asset category. Due to its decentralized structure, the cryptocurrency is anticipated to serve a significant part of the global fintech industry.

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