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TRON dApps Focusing on Investing & ROI

People have been talking less and less about normal dApps since the DeFi frenzy started. These programs can still be extremely strong and popular.

New TRON dApps Focusing on Investing & ROI iBase Trading.
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People have been talking less and less about normal dApps since the DeFi frenzy started. These programs can still be extremely strong and popular. These five new TRON apps have had a lot of success since their launch.


Investment dApps will always be popular; it is a given. Not every one of these ideas will succeed or last. Depositing monies with TronGuru is expected to yield a 150 percent return. For obvious reasons, most people associate this with a Ponzi scheme. However, as Ethereum has demonstrated over the years, dApp-based Ponzi Schemes can be successful.


Over the last week, TronGuru has counted approximately 13,000 users. The dApp is now circulating 6.5 million TRX, or $162,480. However, watching how long these data remain positive will be interesting. Unless new funds keep seeping in, there can never be a guaranteed return on investment.


CORONATRON is another DApp with a guaranteed return on investment, despite the name offending some. This had nothing to do with coronavirus but can provide financial joys to people with a high-risk appetite. Users who deposit money will get 300 percent of their money back, with a daily rate of 2%. This is a high-risk project that will initially draw users.

CORONATRON has 4,950 users and 1.3 million TRX in circulation (worth $32.520). In this aspect, it is significantly less successful than TronGuru, but that is to be expected. For most people, 2% every day isn’t enough.

Forever Tron 4.0

When it comes to the recent batch of new TRON applications, HYIP Programs, and dApps are very similar. That point is well-represented in Forever Tron 4.0. It, too, promises guaranteed returns on investment, but only if new customers keep depositing money.

Statistically, Forever Tron 4.0 has just fewer than 4,000 users and a volume of 140.2 million TRX. With $3.52 million in revenue in the previous week, it is the most profitable of the initial three dApps. Even in the world of dApps, Ponzi Schemes are best avoided.


TRON is probably best ignored if you don’t care for investment dApps. HeroTron aspires to be known as TRON’s safest investment platform. It is impossible to make all of these statements real because there are no certainties in the financial world, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency.

HeroTron is generating a lot of interest, with 2,740 users and 221.8 million TRX in the smart contract. It has a total volume of $5.58 million, which is rather amazing for a business concept like this. It will always be difficult to maintain any kind of growth, as these guaranteed investment programs will eventually run out of money.


It’s also nice to see something a little different among the new TRON dApps. TronAdz is a global TRX online business public fund, as the name implies. There’s also a way to profit by creating a contract that gives a regular bonus to customers who purchase Bonus AdCredits. Combining advertising with investing may sound strange, yet it could provide something unique.

It isn’t an altogether new business model, albeit it did not combine with a smart contract before. It’s a different question whether this lends the concept more validity. It now has over 1,000 users and a weekly volume of 6.3 million TRX ($157,460).

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