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TikTok Beta Testing Crypto Ads

People who work at TikTok say that soon, some brands will be able to advertise on TikTok with crypto thanks to a program that's in beta testing.

TikTok Beta Testing Crypto Ads iBase Trading.
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People who work at TikTok say that soon, some brands will be able to advertise on TikTok with crypto thanks to a program that’s in beta testing.

When the beta is done, crypto advertisers could be able to skip some of the red tape they have to go through on TikTok, as long as they’re registered with a regulatory body that TikTok agrees with.


People in the US call it the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). Canada’s Financial Transactions Analysis Center (FTRAC) It examines financial activities and data from around the nation (FINTRAC) (FINTRAC). Program: If implemented, crypto firms authorized by the appropriate regulatory agency might run paid adverts on them. A disclaimer about investments must be in their ads, and they can only reach people who are 18 or older. Marketing Brew was not able to say when this beta test would start and end.

TikTok’s Ashley Nash-Hahn told us that crypto companies can now post organic content about crypto on TikTok as long as it meets TikTok’s Community Guidelines. This means that TikTok doesn’t have a strict policy against crypto content. But crypto brands can’t run paid ads on TikTok right now, she said.

It is False

Contrary to Nash-assertion, Hahn’s numerous marketers Marketing Brew spoke with disagree.

Brendan Gahan, co-founder and CSO of Mekanism, told Marketing Brew that there is no advertising on TikTok. He cited recent Gemini commercials on TikTok. If Gemini was part of the beta test, Marketing Brew didn’t hear back from them.

As an example, look at Aubrey Strobel, an advisor for the bitcoin rewards company Lolli. There were one or two paid ads on TikTok almost a year ago, she told us.

One time, Strobel said, they were letting it. There was a big change in how it was, she said.

A TikTok user named Lolli can only post organically content on the site. She can’t, however, put ads there. Then we were kind of all screwed, Strobel said.

It was hard to get the ads to run in the first place, Strobel told us.

Lolli had to use terminology like cash back instead of bitcoin or crypto.

When we queried how Lolli was permitted to run such commercials, Nash-Hahn said TikTok has always allowed financial services and merchandise advertising with certain limits. She pointed us to the ads policy for financial services.

The US bans ads touting Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as cryptocurrency trading platforms and advisers.

Beta Test Ignores Influencer Marketing

The beta test excludes paid material from TikTok’s influencer partnerships. Branded material cannot include cryptocurrency trading platforms or advisors. Nash-Hahn told us that this is what she said.

After looking around on TikTok for five minutes, Gahan found a few sponsored posts from people who were promoting certain tokens and coins and currencies. She has been able to work with influencers on TikTok as well, says Strobel.

If an ad meets an allowlist, some crypto brands can advertise on TikTok. Marketing Brew says this is true. In North America, certain items may be used as Branded Content if they are on a list of acceptable products. TikTok didn’t answer our question about allowlists.

TikTok’s Beta Program

According to the rules of TikTok’s beta program, crypto companies will be able to run paid ads on the platform. This could be a huge opportunity for both crypto advertisers and the platform itself.

It’s one of the key sources of knowledge and motivation for anyone looking to invest in cryptocurrencies, Gahan said. He also said that paid crypto commercials on TikTok will be superior than free ads because to increased visibility. Grahan said that he thinks it’s going to be a great thing for these currencies.

Also, he suggested that releasing the beta may produce a lot of revenue. They’ll get great partners if they go through this beta, which he recommends. This is a huge industry with a lot of money and a lot of excitement, he said.

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