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Three DAO’s Covey Strategic Planning Mechanism

The DAO governance is a way to add to a protocol using one's abilities and judgment.

Three DAO’s Covey Strategic Planning Mechanism iBase Trading.
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The DAO governance is a way to add to a protocol using one’s abilities and judgment. Since there is no corporate authority, DAO governance operates according to smart contract regulations, which participants must abide by.

By offering a trustless system where participants create their code of behavior, DAO governance eliminates the necessity for a central authority. When adhering to the governance standards of many projects, members may also gain certain advantages. It features, among other things, the ability to vote and make decisions, validatory nodes, staking privileges, and incentives.


For support and protection against the crypto winter of 2022 and beyond, several DeFi systems are shifting to DAO governance. DAO governance promotes active involvement in the expansion and development of their enterprises as a result.


This group of TRON supporters and investors is in charge of the TRON ecosystem, its goods, and services. Moreover, TRON Wallet, the USD stablecoin, and even TRX, Tron’s native assets are also on the list. TRON is a DAO-driven network that is constantly developing to offer open, permissionless internet services.

The current news about the cryptocurrency market shows that TronDAO is serious about creating a scalable decentralized internet service. TronDAO acquires more than $900 million from May to June 2022 to improve its ecosystem. Additionally, its co-founder Justin Sun is recommending an additional $2 billion to support ecosystem growth.

Despite facing a lot of controversy in its early years, TRON still endures the test of the moment. It is now among the top 25 coins and has the potential to fly much higher if its present low price point is overcome and it rises to $1.

Shiba Inu

One of the longest-standing groups of passionate supporters, the ShibArmy, exists for Shiba Inus. The ShibArmy controls market SHIB token pricing and volume, maintaining the token’s place among the top 25 cryptocurrencies.

Shiba Inu conquers the hearts of more than 2 million ShibArmies. As a result, it shows their purpose as a study to ascertain the strength of a crypto community was successful. Many supporters and experts still think Shiba Inu has what it takes to unseat Dogecoin. Since the Shiba Inu was first famous, this meme symbol was already widely used.

Whereas, there is a system for token burning on occasion to get rid of surpluses which is SHIB is a deflationary token. Additionally, there is a periodical token minting that makes SHIB accessible to everyone who wants to become a part of its community.


A new coin and system with enormous promise are called Logarithmic Finance. The forthcoming Logarithmic Finance DAO governance protocol, known as the LogDAO, will include LOG for context-sensitive uses.

Logarithmic Finance will continue to be in a strong position to dominate the DeFi market thanks to LogDAO. LogDAO will assist in establishing an additional pool of finance and liquidity flow into and out of the exchange, crowning Logarithmic Finances. This will encompass the trading of derivatives and futures, LOG staking, digital cryptocurrency trading, and NFT trading concepts.

Nonetheless, anyone can purchase LOG in the existing live presale. Hence, they will be eligible to join the LogDAO when incorporating it into the first quarter of 2023. LogDAO is still planning for implementation on Logarithmic Finance.

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