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ThorCHAIN Analysis

After 2021 of ups and downs (but still very interesting for those who have invested), ThorCHAIN $ RUNE finished the year on a high note, with the ThorWallet continuing to push and attract liquidity.

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After 2021 of ups and downs (but still very interesting for those who have invested), ThorCHAIN $RUNE finished the year on a high note. The ThorWallet continues to push and attract liquidity.

A bull run that was long overdue – and which we correctly predicted on our official Telegram channel – on both a technical and fundamental level, for a final of 2021 that will open the door, as we shall see in our in-depth analysis, to 2022 that will be even more intriguing for the protocol.


$RUNE may be on the safe crypto platform Money.com. It allows us to invest risk-free while understanding the basics of the market and using auto-trading services.

We can use MetaTrader 4 or Trading View, or the proprietary WebTrader. It contains an artificial intelligence engine that alerts us to portfolio composition and trading faults. We can upgrade to a real account with a € 20 deposit.

ThorWallet Success and Protocol Rebirth

$RUNE was 2021 full of growing excesses, but also of technical issues that raised fears of the worse, with about $5 million in value stolen during one of the most significant breaches in recent months.

Finally, everything has been fixed for the better now, a few weeks later, with the protocol roaring again and exceeding price levels previously inconceivable. On the one hand, the AMM sector’s rebirth – look at what’s going on with $SUSHI – is owing to DeFi. Which the relative strength of the American markets also fuels.

From the other end, ThorWallet’s apparent success, an App within the project that allows advanced exchange management while remaining simple for people with little knowledge, is slowly expanding the number of users and, as a result, the number of operators on the network. Criptovaluta.it, a site that has been tracking ThorChain for a long time and has provided Target Prices it over time, sees nothing out of the ordinary.

Thorchain Prediction

Our Telegram Channel, where we continually provide updates on the markets that go beyond what is here or on our official Twitter account, correctly predicted the Thorchain bull run in its early phases, along with the Run, which also involved Boson.

We’re using these elements to invite you all to subscribe. The channel is free. So that we can keep some level of editorial independence. Returning to $RUNE, we feel it is a protocol that has not yet realized its full potential at any level. It might be one of the finest investments for those starting in 2022 or seeking diversification.

We will be able to discuss all problems in the following days. On which the fog will clear even when there will be a return to regular trade volumes. Which we cannot expect in a time cut short by the holidays.

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