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Theta Works with Samsung

As organizations swarm this expanding market, cryptocurrency environments are witnessing more advancement surrounding NFTs.

Theta Works with Samsung iBase Trading.
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As organizations swarm this expanding market, cryptocurrency environments are witnessing more advancement surrounding NFTs. Numerous firms have been eyeing Polygon Prada-Adidas and OneOf, Tezos, FloSports and Gap, and Solana, G2 Esports, and Coachella in their NFT endeavors in recent weeks. Theta Network and Algorand are the most recent additions to this listing, having secured partnerships to serve NFTs on their respective chains.

The latter said this week it had teamed up with Samsung on a venture to create historic NFTs. Being a component of the agreement, Algorand tweeted that it will stream NFTs through FIDE Online Arena.


Chess Games Become NFTs on Algorand

The World Chess Federation’s official game site is FIDE Online Arena. They have teamed up with Algorand blockchain to develop an AI system that produces distinctive 3D pieces on the board.

FIDE Online Arena x Algorand NFTs, according to a post on the World Chess website, may be trademarks for chess competitions as well as the ideal chess souvenirs. They are also available as limited-edition fine art posters. The chess NFTs have inaugurated their 1st display in Berlin. The Grand Prix’s most fascinating matches were coined as NFTs, printed as wall art, and shown in Berlin’s Circle Culture Museum.

Every casual and expert player may use the program for gratis. The components it generates could be sold or transferred on blockchain-based NFT marketplaces. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that Algorand has already agreed to handle FIDE Online Arena’s digital chess ratings.

Samsung Seals NFT Deal with Theta Network

Theta is a video-focused network that has teamed up alongside Samsung. These are electronics production behemoths that bring commemorating NFTs to market. In addition to the Galaxy S22 smartphone, Samsung will also unveil the Galaxy Tab S8 tablet.

The update will be specific to the aforementioned smartphones and will only be available to South Korean consumers that pre-order the devices. Pre-orders began on Wednesday, February 9th. All interested parties have till February 25th to place their purchases before the gadgets are officially available. All who finish their pre-orders will obtain NFT canisters on their respective gadgets, but they won’t be available until the pre-order period is up.

Customers must first sign up for Theta’s NFT marketplace, ThetaDrop NFT, in order to receive their incentives. Users should be Samsung Members, a social application that generates a special identifier that users can into the marketplace to gain admission to the NFTs.

Theta Labs CEO Mitch Liu claimed that owners of the commemorative artifacts would continue to get participation benefits and privileges. This is because the program strives to establish a long-lasting society. The release, according to Liu, demonstrated Theta’s position as the ideal blockchain for film and leisure.

Theta and Samsung, the Ideal Match

Theta is by far the best feasible choice Samsung may have chosen. This is because the blockchain is famous with an emphasis on media, entertainment, and video broadcasting. Theta will indeed be exposed to a broader working population. The release ought to be a win scenario for both the blockchain and the electronics manufacturer. This isn’t the only time Samsung and the Theta Network have worked together. In 2019, it co-led a blockchain fundraising deal to expand into new areas including blockchain and finance.

Samsung confirmed that NFTs will be heading to MICRO LED, Neo QLED, as well as Lifestyle TVs whenever it presented its 2022 TV portfolio in January. Samsung stated the NFT feature will permit customers to browse NFTs at a market aggregate, buy, and showcase everything under a single roof, leveraging cutting-edge technology in presentation and customization.

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