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Theta.tv Network Rewards with Bitcoins

Social networking initiatives have taken on new life thanks to blockchain technology.

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Social networking initiatives have taken on new life thanks to blockchain technology. We are now confronted with models in which both users and publishers can profit from platforms. We introduced you to BitClout in March, a social network where people can convert their money into cryptocurrencies. This month, we examine Theta Network, a monetization platform for broadcasters and viewers.

Under the Theta umbrella, Sliver TV, which had 4 million visitors in June 2018, continues to attract giant brands such as Samsung.


Theta solves one of the most pressing issues facing publishers in video distribution. The platform primarily features games and crypto-currency broadcasts. However, it is worth noting that well-known institutions such as Nasa and Coindesk prefer Theta for live broadcasts.

What is THETA.tv?

A blockchain-based streaming platform that allows broadcasters and viewers to earn TFUEL cryptocurrencies by using its platform. Furthermore, when you are not using your computer, you can earn money by sharing your bandwidth. In addition, you can mediate Theta broadcasts.

This compensates users with the Theta Fuel Price (TFUEL) for watching and broadcasting. In the last 24 hours, TFUEL has risen to a high of 39 cents. Theta Fuel has a market share of more than $2 million, with an estimated transaction volume of $68,541.

TFUEL may become one of our favorite video platforms in the coming years, gradually but steadily. Investors who want to profit from the currency difference are likely to become ardent Theta followers.

Users donated over 15,000 TFUEL tokens to the tournament winners. This is as the platform, Theta, has gradually begun to gain a share of the Twitch and YouTube target audiences. Moreover, it attracts attention with its solid marketing strategies. For example, in February, the platform hosted the SLIVER Showdown Fortnite tournament. In the Theta tournament, every user who shared bandwidth received TFUEL.

Crypto called Theta Coin

Aside from TFUEL, as a payment instrument on the platform, the parent company also has a cryptocurrency called Theta Coin. Let us recall that THETA is currently trading at $11.73. Having said that, the 24-hour trading volume has surpassed $317k. Theta’s initial market share is 11,725,578 dollars and 176 cents.

On the right tab, Theta also suggests the most popular broadcasts. The broadcasts, which instantly drew 280 live viewers, demonstrate that the platform has yet to gain a large user base.


Users can use Steam, Twitch, or Facebook account to log into Theta Network. Theta Network assigns you 200 TFUEL when you log into the platform. As a result, as soon as you enter the platform, you can begin leaving tips for the users you follow. You can also earn small rewards by commenting on posts, which you can then sell for TFUEL.

In addition, the platform has created a marketplace for these awards. Users can use their TFUELs to purchase items in this marketplace for investment, collection, or support.

Live broadcasts and videos are the two types of content available on the platform. When you go to the Games tab, you can view the content that has been broadcast on Theta Network so far by subject headings. A more detailed segmentation may be preferred in the future by changing the game’s title.

Edge Streams section stores on the completely decentralized video streamed Theta blockchain. These videos can only be viewed using Edgecast. This technology simplifies deployment with Theta Edge by leveraging the Edge node, which the company launched in April of last year.

Theta platform is similar to Reddit. It is particularly in terms of tipping and creating your own coin. For newcomers, it’s a combination of Twitch, Reddit, and YouTube.

In Conclusion

In next-generation social networks, such as Clubhouse and BitClout, in order to compete and provide an indispensable value proposition to users, they now place the users at the very center of the structure they have built. Furthermore, with the development of payment systems, social networks not only provide financial opportunities to their users, but also transform users into investors and brand ambassadors.

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