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Theta Joins NFT Train

Theta Fuel (TFUEL) is one of two native tokens of the Theta blockchain, the other being Theta Token (TFUEL).

Theta Joins NFT Train iBase Trading.
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Theta Fuel (TFUEL) is one of two native tokens of the Theta blockchain, the other being Theta Token (TFUEL). This is not to be confused with the Theta Token (THETA), which serves as the governance token for the Theta blockchain. There are thousands of community-run Guardian nodes supporting it, as well as Enterprise validators like Binance, Blockchain, Samsung, Gumi, Goggle, and Ventures.

TFUEL is the Theta blockchain’s second token. Video and data distribution services use it as a utility token and a gas token. To put it another way, theta powers all Theta blockchain operations. To explain further, the coin is payment to relayers for video stream sharing, smart contract deployment and interaction. Moreover, it can also be fee payments associated with transacting NTFs and DeFi applications.


In addition, this token also recognizes ecosystem participants who provide redundant computing capacity in the form of Edge Compute nodes and bandwidth resources in the form of Edge Caching nodes for video streams and other data.

The Secret Pineapple Society

The Secret Pineapple Society is an original collection of 8,888 digital collectibles growing on the Theta network. According to Theta Fuel, the Secret Pineapple Society will become a member of the Theta network. As a member of the Secret Pineapple Society, a person can host of exclusive privileges.

Decentralized governance for members, games, live events, and access to THE GROVE. It is a secretive location only accessible to the pineapple elite, which is all in the works for the future.

Fear constantly plagued content providers that competing platforms are siphoning off their income and reducing their earning opportunities. A digital artist, for example, who publishes their work on social media networks would generate revenue for the platform. This is possible by selling advertisements to the artist’s fans. While the artist receives appropriate exposure, the benefits of the platform prevent the artist from earning any money.

NFT Benefits

Benefits of non-fungible tokens could pave the way for the future formation and expansion of a completely new creator economy. The creator economy would assist content creators by avoiding the need to transfer ownership to platforms that they use to market their content.

As a result, the term “buying a rumor and selling the news” coined. Following the presentation of numerous proposed advancements, the Theta Fuel community has been a hive of activity. It has the asset’s price continuing to rise as a result.

The network’s planned Mainnet 3.0 update, which includes numerous new features and functionality, is the most significant development.

The current live Theta Fuel price is $0.368561 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of $114,890,302 USD, according to CoinMarketCap.

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