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The Relationship Between $SHIB and NFTs

It is not the first time that $SHIB has drawn artists. Therefore, these early cases are not surprising.

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It is not the first time that $SHIB has drawn artists. Therefore, these early cases are not surprising. To further understand this new trend, we will look at a few efforts and speculate on what lies ahead for NFTs and SHIB.

Shytoshi Kusama, product manager at Shib, initiated the first NFT-related projects. So it makes sense that his NFT activities use $SHIB.


It all started with a $SHIB-infused art publication. It was a way to sell more NFTs. No longer a “jpeg” (as the New York Times recently termed NFTs; can you imagine someone calling classic paintings “colored chemicals on a poor canvas”?), the artwork contained precious tokens.

The NFT was “charged” with $SHIB tokens. Each piece was worth 5 billion SHIB.

It was not an “official” project but a personal one. Who needs a party when you’re alone? It’s preferable to love together. An official initiative was launched a few days later. Initially, the display was part of an online event.

$SHIB had just surpassed its all-time high, and the market was wildly volatile. Because all eyes were on the price evolution, this may have slipped some people’s radars. Even so, this incubator recently announced 75 submissions, proving the request was received.

But something else was happening; a new aspect of $SHIB might be instilled in NFT art. And the community knew the potential.

What is NFT (Non-Fungible Token)?

Non-fungible means unreplaceable, so “one of a kind.” But it’s not just the token’s uniqueness that makes it exciting. An NFT is a token and hence a part of the blockchain, regardless of its meaning. It is significant since each NFT has its own address and public transaction history. It’s a complex chain of custody that verifies ownership and legitimacy. NFTs are used in gaming, athletics, the arts, and metaverses. NFTs can take the form of baseball cards, elaborate paintings, or Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Here, we are only constrained by our imaginations.

Celebrities and artists like Mark Cuban, the Wu Tang Clan, Elon Musk, and others are now involved, contributing to the surge in interest. Each of these celebrities sells items for millions of dollars as their passionate fans eagerly await the arrival of this new market. But this is just one aspect of these hidden riches.

NFTs have few restrictions, allowing for free artistic expression. It can convert video, drawings, audio samples, and even a photograph of your favorite cat into this format. It may be the future frontier for artists and collectors.

Not surprisingly, @SHIBsNFTs was born barely four days after a group of artists launched the incubator for the $SHIB community. But not quite. They attached a $SHIB token burn to the sale of each NFT piece.

A group of artists created an initial collection intending to publish 500 distinct pieces. This type of innovation can only be witnessed in dynamic communities like ours at $SHIB. The artists who can give more actual value to the millions and billions of $SHIB holders are here, present, and acting.

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