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The Graph at ETH Denver

With the 3rd ETH Denver taking place from February 14-16 in Denver, Colorado, it's the most delightful time of the year for The Graph.

The Graph at ETH Denver iBase Trading.
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With the 3rd ETH Denver taking place from February 14-16 in Denver, Colorado, it’s the most delightful time of the year for The Graph.

Because of the variety of projects and developer caliber, ETH Denver is one of the most significant Ethereum events of the year. Hundreds of hackers from all over the world attend the hackathon, which coincides with Denver Blockchain Week.


PoolTogether, MolochDAO, and Fortmatic are just a few of the most popular dApps created or launched at ETHDenvers in the past. It serves as a testbed for several products, including Burner Wallet. Burner Wallet is a scalable point-of-sale payment system for food trucks that combines with an xDAI chain. Highlights of the event include excellent speakers such as Andreas Antonopoulos. Technical and cultural events like those held at the MakerSpace are also highlights.

ETH Denver and The Graph

The Graph cares about ETHDenver because the team meets the subgraph creators. Eth Denver is also where the group shares the Web3 vision and assists hackers in enhancing the developer experience and designing performant UIs.

The team set a few goals for this year. One is to help developers better understand subgraphs and the importance of decentralized indexing and querying layers for dApp development. Thrilling to be a part of the dApp ecosystem will make it easier to create high-quality Ethereum dApps.

It’s All About the Research

Creating solutions for communities to organize data collectively, according to The Graph, is part of The Path to Web3. Because these use cases are relevant to the crypto community today. The team is interested particularly in maintaining registries of Projects, People, Blogs, Jobs, and Events. The team must have real work coordinated on-chain for Web3 to be helpful. This entails knowing what jobs need to complete. Moreover, what abilities are required to achieve them, and who has previously completed them. Hackathons like these could help to shape the future of employment.

Consider using a subgraph and working on a curation dApp at ETHDenver.

Make Subgraphs

Querying blockchain data is faster, UIs are more responsive, and development teams are more productive due to subgraphs. Instead of creating a centralized server and indexer to manage your dApp’s blockchain data, you can describe the data you’d like to index from Ethereum by creating and deploying a subgraph. Dashboards, registries, content apps, trade apps, wallets, and other dApps that require querying data can benefit from subgraphs.

Utilize Existing Paragraphs

Subgraphs deployed by Uniswap, Sablier, Betoken, Melonport, and other DeFi apps, and uses to run their apps natively. Over 1,000 open source community subgraphs may be used to query blockchain data by any dApp developer.

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