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In April 2017, the Interchain Foundation acquired $17 million to support the construction of the Cosmos net, a mechanism for connecting blockchains.

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In April 2017, the Interchain Foundation acquired $17 million to support the construction of the Cosmos net, a mechanism for connecting blockchains.

ATOM token Sale

Following the sale of its ATOM token, the ICF decided to invest in a cast of supporting gamers. This includes Agoric Systems Operating Company and Tendermint. The purpose is to construct the foundations of the program’s unified communications aspirations, the Inter-Blockchain Communication procedure. The primary objective is to be well-positioned for the multi-chain year ahead.


Dean Tribble, CEO of Agoric, stated that he might have an agreement on one chain to engage in the sale of assets on some other chain to a privatized consortium in a different stack on a different platform.

Despite the fact that the technology is still in progress, the ATOMs sale has been profitable.

ICF Technical Director Ethan Bucky Buchman stated in an interview that they started a hedging plan to keep around half of the crypto in currency.  The company takes time starting with the distribution. It had greatly improved after about a year. They have had more money in their bank accounts than they did when they were hired.

The profits highlight an often-overlooked aspect of the 2017 ICO boom. The companies with careful financial administration outscored those seeking rapid development through marketing. ATOMs were issued following fundraising not an ICO. This is according to Tendermint founder Jae Kwon, who is also the chairman of the Interchain Foundation.

There’s enough paperwork warns registrants that token receipt is not guaranteed. On the other hand, the campaign participants receives tokens, as anticipated.

BTC, ETH and ATOM Values

ICF director Arianne Flemming informed CoinDesk that they currently possess approximately 1,400 BTC, over 50,000 ETH, and slightly above 20 million ATOMs in their treasury.

That values at more than $104 million at today’s modern pricing. And that was after the charity invested $25 million, including over 50 projects, according to Flemming.

Tribble, a Microsoft veteran, feels that making it easy for ordinary developers to construct smart contracts using JavaScript will encourage more people to use blockchain.

Cosmos will demand a single language if it is to genuinely establish a highway interconnecting different proof-of-stake blockchains. The bundled tokens produced by the Cross-Chain Working Group might potentially have included bitcoin-shaped filler.

Tribble and Buchman, likewise, claim that they do not consider ICF’s ATOMs to be capital. They only wish to utilize them to engage in the Cosmos network.

ATOMs as Device

According to Buchman, ATOMs are only a device encouraging the government engagement. It is while the network prepares in providing the interoperability. It is the Cosmos network’s design in 2020. At the moment, it’s purely for testing, and the network’s only role is to distribute ATOMs to users and move them throughout the network.

As per Tendermint’s chief of research, Zaki Manian, the company once possessed around 8% of the tokens. However, in order for his business to take software development customers, he neither ties nor depends on the network.

Tendermint may seek unconnected software production contracts in the coming years, according to Manian.

The laissez-faire strategy looks to be working. Approximately 30 network auditors participate in network update voting on a regular basis. With nearly the very same group of participants, but much more than twice as many contracted staff and thousands more normal users. This percentage is much greater than the Maker Foundation’s governing approach.

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