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Terra Token: LUNA

The Cosmos software development kit was used to create the Terra Protocol blockchain.

What is Terra (LUNA)? iBase Trading.
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The Cosmos software development kit created the Terra Protocol blockchain. It uses delegated proof of stake, or dPos, as its consensus technique.

Its network has a maximum of 100 validators, making it reasonably centralized. However, transactions on its blockchain take only seconds.


Their transactions do have a cost for services supplied through smart contracts. It is significantly less than Ethereum’s GAS fees, for example.

Terra combines the advantages of cryptocurrencies with the price stability of fiat currencies to counteract cryptocurrency volatility in the short and long term.

LUNA Token

Terra’s native currency, LUNA, serves as the network’s backbone by allowing you to mine Terra Blockchain transactions. But don’t worry; it is possible to purchase LUNA with a different cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

The network, governance, and collateralization for the price stability of the other network token that operates as a stablecoin: Terra USD is all secured by LUNA (UST).

Its issuance limits for this reason, with a total of 1 billion LUNA tokens available. If this quantity exceeds, LUNA will revert to 1 billion. This technique is intriguing since it favors market capitalization.

USD Terra (UST)

It’s an unsecured (algorithmically stable) coin developed on the Terra blockchain. It operates since September 2020, and supply and demand determine its value.

To obtain this form of cash, one must burn a quantity equal to the LUNA’s dollar value. Similarly, it facilitates a cryptocurrency exchange because Terra USD can only swap with LUNA if its price is higher than the dollar.

LUNA cannot trade for dollars or UST if it’s less than that. Furthermore, LUNA can trade for a dollar value equal to a certain quantity of UST.

Hypothetical examples

If 1 LUNA is 10 Terra USD and 10 Terra USD is equal to 11 dollars, 1 LUNA can swap for 11 dollars.

After this, a portion of the LUNA is burned, making it even more valuable. Finally, they can maintain price stability inside the system in this manner.

The Terraform Labs project, directed by Daniel Shin and Do Kwon, debuted in April 2019 using a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Terra Alliance, a collection of 15 East Asian e-commerce projects, incubated it for this purpose.

Daniel Shin and Do Kwon, the two major designers, and developers have vast experience. On the one hand, Shin is a Wharton School of Economics alumnus who has founded multiple successful businesses in several industries.

The Chai application is one of them. This software is critical to Terra since it enables purchases through Terra’s blockchain network.

Users can collect points that redeems for commercial rewards with Chai partners, and it now topped one million downloads on Android.

In addition, the company offers Chai Card credit/debit cards, which had its introduction in June 2019 and allow users to use their tokens to pay in stores.

On the other hand, Do Kwon is a Stanford University computer scientist who worked at Microsoft before founding Anyfi, a peer-to-peer telecommunications firm.

Mirror Protocol

It’s one of the Terra USD stablecoin-based decentralized applications (dApps). It develops using Terra USD as the foundation component in both Terra and CosmWas.

The program allows users to create synthetic digital representations of real-world goods in real-time as if the computer were a mirror reflecting all of their valued possessions.

This is in order to promote the inclusion of real-world assets in blockchains.

These digital assets, known as mAssets, use Oracles for calculation, which offer real-time asset pricing every 30 seconds. On the Mirror platform, they may also trade.

Mirror has its own native coin, MIR, which serves as the Mirror Protocol’s governance and staking token.

Anchor Protocol

It’s another one of Terra’s decentralized applications (dApps). Its release was in March 2021 and gears at those who aren’t highly knowledgeable about cryptocurrency.

As a result, its goal is to provide a simple and easy-to-use decentralized financial savings product to all types of consumers (Defi).

Similarly, wanting to expand the opportunities for anyone to earn a stable passive income on the blockchain.

It also provides a diverse choice of products with unique risk/reward ratios. It maintains consistent performance by allowing for the withdrawal of funds without the need for a lock-in period.

Alice Finance

It has not yet been deployed, and little information about it is available.

It was on Twitter by members of the Terra community and crypto aficionados, who believe it is a user-friendly solution that will combine Mirror and Anchor.

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