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Is Terra Crypto’s Hidden Victor?

The cryptocurrency market grew by leaps and bounds in 2021, leaving investors with great hopes for Terra.

Is Terra Crypto’s Hidden Victor? iBase Trading.
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The cryptocurrency market grew by leaps and bounds in 2021, leaving investors with great hopes for Terra. Last year, Bitcoin captured the attention of investors as it propelled the crypto market to new highs over US$3 trillion in a relatively short amount of time. Several more cryptocurrencies have emerged, each with a strong price rally. However, this triumph was fleeting.

By the end of 2021, the crypto market had fallen into a deep sleep, and it continued to fall. However, the crypto that gained about 15,000 % last year is steadily making its way through the top cryptocurrencies.


Terra is one of the market’s fastest-growing cryptocurrencies. Terra’s LUNA quickly surpassed other popular cryptocurrencies like as Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and others to become one of the top ten cryptocurrencies. However, its outstanding market performance has analysts wondering whether it has the potential to become the new crypto king quietly or not.

As per coinmarketcap, the current market value of Terra (LUNA) is US$64.97, representing a gain of over 25.13% in the previous 24 hours and maintaining its position as the market’s ninth biggest cryptocurrency.

From a technological standpoint, Terra is a blockchain technology that leverages fiat-pegged stablecoins to enable price-stable global payment networks. Terra aspires to combine the price stability and widespread acceptance of fiat currencies with Bitcoin’s censorship resistance, while also providing rapid and economical transactions.

Despite the crypto’s shortage of gains, the LUNA token kept its ground rather well. Experts say that the development of the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG), together with the debut of RoboHero, a metaverse game for smartphones based on the LUNA token, is one of the many reasons Terra has been able to remain afloat and keep its own range.

Popularity Skyrockets

The increase in the price of LUNA can be due to a number of variables. To begin with, Terra is a significant challenger to Ethereum. It has provided incentives to entice investors to join its DeFi ecosystem, which has raised demand for UST.

Terra, on the other hand, will continue to grow long after the incentives have run out. Although ETH has the largest DeFi protocol, the Terra ecosystem has already developed 13 DeFi protocols on it in such a short amount of time. Another key aspect that might cause Terra to rise is its burn process. The purpose of burning LUNA tokens from the community pool was to increase the asset’s scarcity and hence its price.

Investing in Terra

Terra has achieved significant progress in the cryptocurrency industry thus far. Market volatility may be a concern for some investors, but it is a key feature of any digital currency. Terra has the potential to outperform other major cryptocurrencies.

Terra has a lot of room to develop right now, thanks to the rising popularity of the metaverse. Analysts are impressed by the recent state of the stablecoin market; therefore, this occurrence might help Terra quietly win the top cryptocurrency battle.

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