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Swiss Lugano Partners with Tether

Businesses must accept cryptocurrency in regular transactions, according to the municipality.

Swiss Lugano Partners with Tether iBase Trading.
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Businesses must accept cryptocurrency in regular transactions, according to the municipality.

In order to create bitcoin, Switzerland has partnered with Tether. They are well-known stablecoin issuers. The goal is to establish itself as Europe’s Bitcoin capital. The city of Lugano recognizes Lugano, Tether, as well as the city’s own LVGA Points token as basically legal currency.


They formed a collaboration with Tether Operations Limited to help it progress technologically. They aim to improve its capacities so that citizens may pay their taxes using cryptocurrency.

The alliance will assist to develop a center of competence for blockchain adoption in Europe. It also includes a well-developed Lugano blockchain infrastructure. They strive to be a significant center for the latest tech in the European Union, according to the release.

Lugano’s Investing Money into Its Future

As per Lugano Mayor Michele Foletti, the municipality itself has already introduced blockchain-based solutions. These are the MyLugano app as well as the LVGA Points payment token in recent years. The Lugano electronic franc and the 3Achain blockchain technology are also available. They are certain that this innovation, its possibilities for scale, including their combined work with Tether will help to create a stronger, more democratic, transparent, and intelligent city.

Tether will help the community at its next event, called the Bitcoin World Summit. The activity will focus on profound debates about freedom of speech.

Tether will also assist the City of Lugano in increasing the mobility of its companies. This will allow them to accept stablecoins as compensation for their local services. Tether, as the nation’s biggest stablecoin producer, will supply the technical foundation needed to make such and other planned improvements a reality.

The Lightning Network will become one of the options that the City will incorporate into the services. As per a statement, Tether will help. Lightning Network has evolved into a well-known, highly scalable, and reliable payment scheme. It has overcome the scaling challenges of the blockchain without sacrificing safety, trustworthiness, or confidentiality.

Plan B’s De Facto Legalization

The action was billed as a de facto legalization during Thursday’s Plan B gathering. This was sponsored by Lugano’s mayor, Michele Foletti. The Swiss franc will undoubtedly continue to be the legal tender in Lugano and across Switzerland. The Bitcoin World Forum, which will be placed in Lugano on October 26-28, was also revealed during Plan B.

The measure goes well above the activities of a handful of other Swiss municipalities. They are the ones that have been taking cryptocurrency for tax payments for a long time apparently. Lugano, like El Salvador, wants all of its companies to be able to utilize cryptocurrency for daily operations in addition to taxes. Just bitcoin is qualified, unlike with El Salvador.

As previously stated, the agreements will include the payment of yearly taxes in cryptocurrency. It has legal permission in place for Bitcoin, Tether, and a few CHF-based stablecoins. The tax pact between Lugano and Tether is comparable to a similar drive by the US state of Colorado. This expects to begin allowing cryptocurrency payments for taxes this summer.

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