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Step on Where & How to Buy Creditcoin

Creditcoin intends to solve the problem of financially excluded people in developing markets not having access to credit.

An Easy Step on Where & How to Buy Creditcoin iBase Trading.
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Creditcoin intends to solve the problem of financially excluded people in developing markets not having access to credit. Individuals who do not have access to the banking system must obtain loans through non-banking institutions. Non-bank credit files, on the other hand, are not recognized by banks because the data is untrustworthy. The idea intends to address the issue by objectively documenting credit transaction records on an open blockchain.

Trading CTC

On January 31st, 2020, CTC became tradable for the first time. There are 667,469,387.33 of them in total. In addition, CTC does have an industry capitalization of USD $7,025,032,700.41 right now. It is currently trading at $3.51 and ranks 205 on Coinmarketcap, with a 52.43 percent increase as of this writing.


CTC has already been registered on several crypto exchanges. However, unlike other major cryptocurrencies, it cannot be bought directly with fiat currency. They could still purchase this coin by first acquiring Bitcoin from whatever fiat-to-crypto exchange and then transferring it to an exchange that trades CTC.

They must first purchase one of its major cryptocurrencies, in this scenario, Bitcoin, in order to record it on the Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange. Each exchanger has its very own pricing rules and features. It suggests that people try both of them and choose which one best matches their needs.

Coinbase is among the most popular fiat-accepting crypto exchanges. Upon purchasing $100 worth of cryptos, just use the link to enroll at Coinbase and earn a bonus of $10 worth of BTC.

After completing the KYC procedure, People adds a payment method to purchase BTC with fiat money. The users have the option of using a credit/debit card or a direct deposit there. When users use a credit card, they will pay a greater cost, but they will be able to make a purchase right away.

While a bank transfer is less expensive but takes longer, based on your place of residence, some nations provide low-cost quick cash deposits.

Since CTC is an altcoin, you’ll need to transfer your BTC to an exchange where you can exchange CTC; they’ll be using Bittrex for this. Bittrex is a renowned alternative currency exchange with a huge quantity of tradable cryptocurrency combinations.

The BITTREX Platform

Bittrex is a cryptocurrency trading platform situated in Seattle that began services in February 2014. There had been far fewer transactions back then than there are currently. The platform continues to regard itself as a global pioneer in the blockchain revolution. It also acts as a “Blockchain Incubator,” which means that, in order to foster international development in the industry, they collaborate with organizations all over the globe to aid new tokens that have the ability to transform the way goods, commodities, and administered processes.

The Bittrex platform is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. Because they are in the United States, they accept US investors from all 50 states. In several aspects, America is currently the crypto king. It has a wide variety of systems, and much of the daily crypto trading takes place on American trades or on other trades with American investors.

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