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Solana Makes Use of Arweave

Instead of making its own storage layer, Solana used one from Arweave. If the two projects work out, it could be a good thing for everyone.

Solana Makes Use of Arweave iBase Trading.
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Instead of making its own storage layer, Solana used one from Arweave. If the two projects work out, it could be a good thing for everyone.

Solana’s Correlation with Arweave

In short, the Solana blockchain needs to store data. Arweave is a way to store data that isn’t held by one person. Solana now has a way to get to Arweave, and she can now get there.


Public blockchain Solana and Arweave, a decentralized data storage protocol that can’t be censored, have joined forces to make a bridging solution called SOLAR Bridge. This is a way for people to move data between the two protocols.

As soon as possible, Solana is going to be the first network of the blockchain world to connect to the Arweave network.

Partnership: It looks like it’s going to be a good thing for both of them. People and businesses come to Arweave because of it. It also takes the burden off Solana’s shoulders to come up with a way to store data in-house off of her.

Co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko told Decrypt that they were going to build their own storage layer. When they met the Arweave team, though, they realized that their protocol had a lot of great features, like censorship-resistance, permanence, and decentralization, which they thought were great.

This is how the SOLAR Bridge helps the people who check the nodes in Solana get into a state where they can both store and forget about them. Is this correct? Then once a transaction is validated, it will be permanently stored on Arweave, so that it doesn’t need to be checked again.

Web 2.0 transactions require a verification every month, but Solana-enabled transactions are verified once and for all.

Data Storage

Solana has a big problem with how to store data. Solana has a lot more data storage needs than Bitcoin and Ethereum. This is because almost all of the data from the past needs to be kept forever. Because the Solana blockchain has made more blocks than all the other blockchains combined put together. This is because the Solana blockchain has made more blocks than all of the other blockchains put together. Solana needs to keep these data safe, secure, and long-term in order to grow.

Arweave is different from other decentralized storage solutions because it can store data for good. Users can pay a fee up front, and the interest they earn will pay for the storage costs over time. Its native token, AR, lets them do this. This means that developers can make apps that aren’t owned or controlled by a single person.

There is a good chance that the SOLAR Bridge partnership could open up new opportunities for Arweave as a data layer for other public blockchains.

Transactions Within the Network

Arweave founder Sam Williams said in a press release that the problem that every network will have at some point is how to store the huge number of transactions that high-speed blockchain solutions inevitably produce.

Shared investors Kyle Samani, a co-founder of Multicoin Capital in Austin, helped make the deal happen.

He connected the dots when he learned that Solana could hire Arweave to store its data. A lot of people in crypto like to build things on their own, even though someone else might have already built them. It is the first time real procedures have been intelligently integrated.

The Bridge was put in place by another investor from both companies, Bering Water Group. This group helped with the product implementation and commercialization.

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