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Smartbch Successfully Launches Three Nodes

The Smart Bitcoin Cash team (Smartbch) confirmed the activation of three nodes as genesis verifiers on the day before Bitcoin Cash's fourth anniversary.

Smartbch Successfully Launches Three Nodes iBase Trading.
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The Smart Bitcoin Cash team (Smartbch) confirmed the activation of three nodes as genesis verifiers on the day before Bitcoin Cash’s fourth anniversary. Smartbch announced that Btc.com, Viabtc, and Matrixport are joining, and the project’s voting session has formally begun.

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) industry has been anxiously awaiting the Smartbch project’s growth and has been for some time. That’s because Smartbch has the ability to unleash huge value amongst Ethereum (ETH) as well as Bitcoin Cash.


The protocol has the potential to improve decentralized finance (defi) upon Bitcoin Cash while also being interoperable also with the second-largest cryptocurrency in market capitalization. Smartbch was originally covered by Bitcoin.com News during the first week of April. Indeed the project’s chief developer was profiled 15 days later.

Smartbch officially unveiled the testnet somewhere at end of the month, allowing developers and decentralized app builders to learn and explore with the elevated, EVM-compatible Bitcoin Cash sidechain. Smartbch’s engines have activation, including three nodes functioning as genesis verifiers.

The Three Smartbch Nodes

Viabtc, Matrixport, and Btc.com run the 3 Smartbch nodes. According to the project’s release, Smartbch is presently in its first voting round. SHA256 miners will indeed elect and appoint additional validators in the future.

This same Smartbch development team emphasizes how they have taken two months longer than expected during development to finish that data structure of MoeingADS as well as to integrate SEP101, SEP206, and Transaction Reorder onto Smartbch.

As per the Smartbch development team, MoeingADS is the underlying storage engine for the global state. It is extremely difficult to modify in hard forks. Because since inception, Ethereum’s core storage mechanism MPT still hasn’t changed its data structure. MoeingADS is now capable of supporting 51K TPS. It can sustain Smartbch’s development for many years without modifying its basic data structure.

Our Smartbch team acknowledges that such a project might take a long time to complete in addition to making the protocol robust. During the previous several weeks, these developers found a number of defi projects that are vulnerable to attacks. Which cross-chain bridge flaws cause.

The Smartbch team’s goal is to make the Bitcoin Cash sidechain’s cross-chain gateway more safe and powerful. It will prioritize safety and the industry will evaluate it.

The project’s designers believe that the launch is indeed a significant step forward in Smartbch’s lengthy path. We welcome everyone in the BCH community to use it and contribute to its progress. We’ll shortly provide some instructions for BCH users to test it out and move a small quantity more coins cross-chain using the present basic gateway.

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