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SMAKI as the Original Money Meme

Smackerooni (SMAKI) is a new token on the block and dubbed the “original money meme”.

SMAKI as the Original Money Meme iBase Trading.
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Smackerooni (SMAKI) is a new token on the block and dubbed the “original money meme”.

About Smackerooni (SMAKI)

SMAKI combines the world of crypto with online dating, promising investors rewards for others’ dating habits. SMAKI holders receive a 10% redistribution on all transactions made as part of SMAKI’s unique rewards system. This aims to put an end to market manipulation and encourages hodling in the cryptocurrency market.


Smackerooni CEO, Deon Rheed, who owns 18 dating platforms, saw a few impediments throughout his experience within the online dating industry. These include payment methods as well as the lack of anonymity these payment methods bring. In an interview with Mr. Rheed, he said “blockchain technology is the obvious solution to problems faced in the online industry”. 

Smackerooni on Social Media 

SMAKI has been popping up everywhere on socials lately and well it’s difficult not to notice with their eye-catching artwork. We checked out their website www.smackerooni.com and we were quite impressed by this new token. The website includes all the information you need to get more insight into this token. It includes a tokenomics section, their whitepaper, which is fun, colorful, and to the point, their wallet address, and a well-laid-out road map, stating their plans for the future and more.

You can also visit and follow their Instagram page www.instagram.com/smakitoken for amazing and creative artwork, which is refreshing, to say the least.

You will also be able to follow SMAKI on Twitter at www.twitter.com/smakitoken for news and updates on the token. SMAKI also has a very interactive support group on Telegram, as they respond promptly.

CEO, Deon Rheed’s profile can be found on Linkedin which gives you some insight into his achievements and more about the Smackerooni project. 

Smackerooni is yet to launch a Facebook page, and Mr. Rheed has stated that the SMAKI Facebook page will be coming soon. 

So, if you need any information on Smackerooni or simply need some peace of mind to see just how transparent this token is, you will be able to find out just about everything you need on all the different platforms. 

I think it is safe to say that this token is doing everything right on the social media front and it seems as if the token still has so much more to come. Well, we are looking forward to what is next in this token’s bright future.

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