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SheCrypt Campaign by Tezos India

Each year on March 8th, International Women's Day is observed.

SheCrypt Campaign by Tezos India iBase Trading.
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Each year on March 8th, International Women’s Day is observed. This is to honor and recognize the cultural and economical triumphs of women around the planet.

Tezos India has confirmed the launch of its month-long initiative captioned SheCrypt – Women in Crypto and Blockchain. This is also to commemorate their accomplishments and keep them informed of the myriad possibilities available in today’s booming altcoins and blockchain environment.


The Initiative

Tezos India will host a series of online roundtable debates in conjunction with the SheCrypt campaign. All through the month of March, there will be master courses with industry professionals and Ask Me Anything workshops. It also includes other knowledge and education-focused events. This is commonly referred to as Women’s History Month. Industry professionals will be elaborating what opportunities for women in Web3 mean.

Tezos India will also educate SheCrypt campaign members through weekly blogs and websites, monthly publications, social networking sites, and most significantly, via high-quality mentoring programs. This will allow them to pursue lucrative professions throughout the cryptocurrency industry. PinkStripes is a professional accelerators site for women’s professional advancement. It has partnered with Tezos India as an authorized mentoring companion for something like the SheCrypt forum.

WazirX, Kalamint, Drife, Oropocket, and others are among the key firms in the crypto, blockchain, as well as Web3. They will be supporting the SheCrypt effort via different tactical initiatives or partnerships. Furthermore, the program will educate women on a range of major blockchain and Web3 related ecosystems. This will include Solana, Kalamint, as well as the Tezos blockchain. The aim is to become a chain-agnostic at its essence.

The Launch of SheCrypt Initiative

Poorvi Sachar is the head of operations of Tezos India. He said at the unveiling event that they really are excited to announce the launch of the SheCrypt project on Women’s Day this year. SheCrypt is around to empower young female blockchain advocates in their professional travels. Furthermore, it will include the blockchain to become a growing area with enormous potential.

This project not just inspires women to study cryptocurrency. Moreover, this will permit women to engage with prominent industry professionals as well as advisors. In addition, it will help boost their professions in the crypto and blockchain area.

Blockchain technology has already enhanced corporate processes in a variety of industries. Moreover, SheCrypt considers that women will be at the vanguard of this development.

Pinkstripes’ Seema Mishra says that they’ve been helping women’s employment advancement in technology. Now, they were thrilled to join Tezos India’s SheCrypt project to allow additional women to pursue jobs in Blockchain, NFTs, and other allied fields. Furthermore, the primary concentration would be on assisting more women in starting and growing their careers in Web3.

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