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Sensi Simplifies Investing and Trading

In a world filled with complexities, "comfort zone" and simplicity will always make life easier.

Sensi Simplifies Investing and Trading iBase Trading.
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In a world filled with complexities, comfort and simplicity will always make life easier. Despite that, many of us would also like to invest in something risky, but our lack of knowledge on a certain issue is a deterrent.

Investing in a blockchain is one of the most challenging activities in the world. This token, Sensi, intends to make DeFi simpler and more accessible to all users.


What is Sensi All About?

Sensi is not a foreign word, despite its foreign-sounding pronunciation. It’s an acronym for “sensible,” the developers’ vow to evolve with the industry. Hence, the blockchain’s full name is Sensible Finance.

Sensi is a DeFi project that aims to make decentralized finance incentives simpler and more accessible to a broader variety of investors.

SmartYield (previously SmartStake) is Sensi’s flagship project, an intelligent investing platform that employs automation to disperse user-deposited funds among the highest-paying sustainable yield farms, optimizing return while reducing volatility.

SmartYield’s modular architecture also provides compatibility with future DeFi investment kinds, ensuring the Sensi project remains at the forefront of decentralized finance investing for years to come.

Sensi is certain that its SmartYield Platform will facilitate the widespread deployment of DeFi technology. The team develops user-friendly investment solutions to promote financial literacy and create business opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Yield farming, for those unaware, is the process of continuously transferring crypto between farms on several DeFi platforms to capitalize on the greatest rates while they are available across the whole DeFi ecosystem.

Sensi also offers Sensi Locking and the Sensi Exchange in addition to SmartYield.


The coin of Sensi Finance is $SENSI. The transaction taxes on the Sensi coin are modifiable, giving the team the freedom to adapt them to evolving business requirements.

Sensi holders impose a variable percentage tax levy on each transaction. Currently, there is a 5% fee on purchases and a 9% cost on sales. A portion is used to fund liquidity, marketing, and development.

The team is already looking forward to the migration of $SENSI from V2 to V3 before its official release.

The team has revealed that version 3 enhancements would entail a six-zero reduction in token supply. This will not affect the value of your investment. 1 trillion tokens will be decreased to 1 million, however, the value will remain the same when trading begins.

1 $SENSI will be worth 1,000,000 times its prior value, but your holdings will remain the same.

In addition to early claim and locking prizes, the upgrade offers a new SENSI Locking contract.

The Team Behind Sensi

Sensi is a community-driven initiative led by a group of crypto enthusiasts with experience in artificial intelligence technologies and at huge multinational tech organizations like Google and Microsoft.

Patrick van Huet, the CEO of Sensi, Magnus, the CTO, A.R. le Shershaby, the CCO, and Tony, the COO, comprise the core team.

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