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Sensi is Now Live and Announces Upgrade!

Sensi, or Sensible Finance, is a DeFi platform featuring financial options for all investors.

Sensi is Now Live and Announces Upgrade! iBase Trading.
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Sensi, or Sensible Finance, is a DeFi platform featuring financial options for all investors.

In the first phase, Smart Yield (previously SmartStake), the main smart investing platform for the token, will be released. Investors can stake BNB tokens on a fixed-term plan for a daily yield paid in $SENSI tokens at the term’s conclusion. The project’s BEP20 token is $SENSI.


Sensible Finance burns some of the yields to reduce inflation and gives the rest to SENSI token holders with wallets.

Major Upgrade

Sensi is on the verge of making significant strides. The team will release an enhanced version of their $SENSI coin.

Similarly, Sensi token holders have been staking their tokens, which offers them a risk-free method for amassing additional Sensi tokens.

A staking lock is valid for 28 days and can be extended every week to compound your rewards, which are delivered weekly as a percentage of the user’s holdings about the entire locking pool.

The Sensi team has updated the community about the upcoming debuts of Sensi v3 and the first Sensi nonfungible tokens (NFT), which have built-in functionality to reduce trading fees and provide additional staking rewards (Sensi locking).

Additionally, the team announced a more specific launch schedule for the long-awaited Sensi Smart Yield platform.

Sensi v3

Future migration to the v3 core contract will reduce the supply of potential future trading pairs on central exchanges and incorporate new features that connect with Sensi’s NFT goals.

Moreover, Six numbers will be taken off of Sensi tokens, and users will be able to claim v3 tokens.

However, the ticker will remain unchanged. Currently, the team is creating its v3 contract for deployment, utilizing a certik-audited base contract. Initial deployment of V3 will not provide any liquidity or trading capability.

Smart Yield and Utility NFTs

Smart Yield, the main product of Sensi, enables everyone to invest in DeFi and reap farming advantages with less risk than traditional farming.

In addition, Sensi tokens will be used to pay out rewards for Smart Yield. Sensi’s Smart Yield contract supports the token’s value by purchasing these incentive tokens on the market.

Likewise, Sensi will burn a percentage of its tokens each month, making it deflationary.

Smart Yield invests in 10–15 PancakeSwap liquidity farms automatically. The team has declared its intent to extend to farms with varying risk levels and become a cross-chain initiative.

Furthermore, Smart Yield plans to add NFTs to its platform. This means that every user of the Smart Yield platform will be given an NFT.

This tradable NFT will account for the amount of BNB and Sensi staked, as well as the associated incentives. The longer a user’s rewards have been compounding, the greater the premium at which they can sell their NFTs.

Additionally, Sensi has announced the upcoming sale of a unique and limited batch of 150 special utility NFTs (named Rare and Legendary NFTs) that give its holders a financial gain. Holders are eligible for additional Sensi locking benefits and reduced trading expenses.

The Sensi team appears to have developed a multi-token strategy that will change the DeFi market. With a market valuation of less than $2 million, the deflationary Sensi token appears to be a true investment treasure.

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