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Ripple's legal struggle with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States has lately witnessed significant events that, pertaining to some analysts, might portend the case's nearing settlement.

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Ripple’s legal struggle with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States has lately witnessed significant events that, pertaining to some analysts, might portend the case’s nearing settlement.

Ripple has until Feb. 17 to declassify a group of 2012 papers with expected facts to impact the court’s and citizenry’s judgments in one direction or the other. Further dramatic spin is the judge’s choice to accept certain of the SEC’s materials as accessible to evidence. This might create a pattern for subsequent lawsuits against federal agencies in the United States.


What’s on the Line for Ripple?

The SEC initiated a complaint versus Ripple Labs Inc. on Dec. 23, 2020. They claim that the business made more than $1.3 billion by trading the XRP cryptocurrency before declaring it as a security, as the agency does. Ripple argues that XRP is a mechanism for facilitating foreign remittances. It is not an unlicensed trade item. The agency’s authority should not stretch towards the coin as well as its sales.

That isn’t the only time the Securities and Exchange Commission has filed a complaint vs. digital asset provider. Therefore, rather than appearing in court, the great majority of these lawsuits are settled. Single crypto companies submit to the SEC’s requests and face fines for release. The case of the regulators seldom gets to a point wherein a lawyer or trial committee examines it. There was zero precedent for subsequent comparable situations.

If the SEC gets a “W”, the legal precedent will back up the agency’s assertion. It can regulate most of the cryptocurrency industry utilizing well-disclosure rules. If Ripple wins, a necessity for a much more complex regulatory environment geared to different forms of electronic property would become clearer.

Ripple as a firm as well as the virtual communities of one’s token’s advocates, dubbed as the XRP Army, were contentious in the cryptocurrency sector. The prosecution’s outcome can have ramifications for the whole US digital asset market.

Legal Memoranda from 2012

Another of Ripple’s main defenses is that they were unaware that such XRP cryptocurrency may be classified as a security. The SEC could have advised the corporation of its plans prior to going to court, according to the claim. The agency violated Ripple’s right to a proper warning by failing to do so.

However, if it comes out that Ripple was aware that the SEC would have issues with token’s legality, they might debunk this persuasive case. Foley & Lardner’s Peter Vogel, of counsel and even a part of the Blockchain Task Force, revealed to Cointelegraph that the U.S. Ripple must disclose transparent closed court files from 2012. This is from its attorneys instructing Ripple prior to the release of XRP on February 17, according to District Judge Analisa Torres.

As per the SEC, Ripple got the information in 2012 that XRP would’ve been classified as security underneath federal law. Ripple was very well-informed of the possibility of litigation from the SEC as a result of this.

Ripple’s case will be greatly bolstered if the documents clearly show the lack of federal law infringement. Indications that the company’s leadership who opted to dismiss their attorneys’ relevant concerns before introducing XRP, may seriously undermine Ripple’s fair-notice case.

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