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Renewable Energy Token Trading Begins

The blockchain token that makes trade more environmentally friendly, RET, is now tradeable.

Renewable Energy Token Trading Begins iBase Trading.
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The blockchain token that makes trade more environmentally friendly, Renewable Energy Token (RET), is now tradeable.

Due to the escalating damage, we impose on the environment, the RET team has vowed to be one of the blockchains, if not the first, to employ a more cost-effective strategy.


While the renewable energy business is expanding globally, the issue of data integration and distribution impedes the market’s development.

Renewable Energy Token (RET) proposes a blockchain-based integrated data platform for the global energy landscape, with an ecosystem that comprises a smart electrical generator, infranet, incentive system, NFT, and many others.

Renewable Energy Token Overview

Through digital transformation, Renewable Energy Token (RET) seeks to uncover the value of renewable energy. RET has become a pioneer in the renewable energy market by developing sophisticated electronic generators.

It will develop an industrial efficiency and eco-friendly ecosystem to help the world’s ailing power plant environment, air pollution issues, consumers’ expenses, and business owners run more efficiently.

Compared to typical renewable energy motors and generators, RET’s generator requires significantly less energy when working with renewable energy. Through this, it will play a significant role in the eco-friendly energy business of the next generation.

RET Farming

40% of the 50 quadrillion tokens were destroyed manually at the commencement of creation, while 60% were sent to the Liquidity Pool and locked.

Before the RET is given out, there is a 3% commission on each transaction. Shareholders get a dividend of 1% of their money. The Liquidity Pool holds one percent of it.

Moreover, RET holders can receive up to 1 percent of the transaction amount equal to their balance as a reward for doing nothing other than maintaining the reward in their wallets.

By trading in the RET token, you can get points. You may choose from the three available plans – Metal, Silver, and Gold – based on your preferences.

Under the Metal Plan, your assets will be locked for 90 days, and for every 100 billion RET, you will get one point per day.

Meanwhile, you will receive 1.5 points each day for every 100 billion RET you trade under the Silver Plan, which locks your money for 180 days.

Lastly, you will receive three points per day for every 100 billion RET under the Gold Plan, which locks your money for 365 days.


The team vows to produce physical initiatives, such as solar panels, to promote the global development of renewable energy. In addition, Investors or holders will earn a guaranteed percentage of profits (future shareholders of the company).

The RET team seeks to end this reliance on nonrenewable energy sources. Creating physical projects that utilize wind and solar energy is one of the group’s future objectives.

Furthermore, these physical initiatives will benefit RET holders in addition to protecting the environment. The team’s main goal is to include RET holders in project income.


The team desires that its investors have an equitable stake in conserving and enabling renewable energy.

Developers are aware that blockchains contribute to climate change by relying heavily on oil and coal.

It is comforting to know that there are still businesses out there that care and want the best for everyone.

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