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QuickSwap Price Spiked by 50%

QuickSwap, the top-ranked DEX on the Polygon platform, was a decentralized marketplace that is working to fill the barrier among both DeFi and centralized finance.

QuickSwap Price Spiked by 50% iBase Trading.
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QuickSwap, the top-ranked DEX on the Polygon platform, was a decentralized marketplace that is working to fill the barrier among both DeFi and centralized finance.

Decentralized finance as well as the power it offers to its consumers on their assets is among the most useful aspects of the bitcoin ecosystem. The wider populace is still unwilling to utilize most DeFi solutions owing to the education curve as well as the threat of wasting money.


Some information coming from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView mentioned that the value of QUICK increased by over 50%. The valuation started from $166.40 on Jan. 31 to $250 on Feb. 1 just after a 24-hour transaction activity, it gained an increase by 168%.

Three factors for the quick rebound in QUICK pricing are the declaration of cooperation with Celsius, the inclusion of more high-yielding liquidity pools, and the debut of stable-stable pools that provide a higher yield while lowering the risk of momentary losses.

CelsiusX Partnered with QuickSwap

Its latest significant major breakthrough for QuickSwap was the introduction of a partnership between the DEX and CelsiusX. This is the DeFi branch of the Celsius banking and financial operation system that focuses on merging CeFi and DeFi.

In addition, collaborating with QuickSwap enables the production of encased editions of prevalent tokens like Cardano’s ADA and Dogecoin. These tokes still do not have a significant existence on Polygon. Allowing customers, bots, arbitrageurs, and organizations free access to all these investments.

It also gives DOGE and ADA investors other options for earning a dividend in DeFi rather than just keeping their DOGE or betting their ADA.

New Liquidity Pools may Entice Investors

The development of various additional liquidity and syrup pools has also helped to boost the cost and velocity of QUICK. This might be an encouraging indication, particularly since a couple of projects started in January and considering the connected bridges into the Polygon network.

Atlantis Loans and the layer-one blockchain solution Orbs, QuickSwap has witnessed a rush of new acceptance for nonfungible tokens initiatives.

These have been getting traction recently notwithstanding the broader slump in the cryptocurrency market. The UniArts network, Dogira, OneRare, as well as Blockchain Monsters Hunt, were among the recently sponsored NFT ventures on QuickSwap.

Stablecoin Holders Have More Staking Options

QuickSwap DEX is an attractive reward for liquidity providers of stable coin combinations. It allows customers to make a profit while avoiding the risk of momentary losses. Celsius might mean higher total liquidity locked on the QuickSwap system, as well as more tempting stablecoin rates.

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