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QAM Token: First Gold-Linked Stablecoin

ALA Mining is introducing the QAM Token as a new option for investors to preserve their capital.

QAM Token: First Gold-Linked Stablecoin iBase Trading.
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ALA Mining is introducing the QAM Token as a new option for investors to preserve their capital.

A cryptocurrency backed by gold physically produced on the company’s gold-rich Guinean lowlands.


What is QAM?

The QAM Token is a deflationary stablecoin based on the BEP20 standard and generated on the BSC network. It is a stablecoin that is not subject to inflation. The company owns, administers, stores in proven deposits and 100% backs it with gold. Each token represents one gram of gold extracted from the ALA Mining deposits currently under investigation.

There are Brinks Vaults in Dubai that are incredibly secure for storing the gold extracted from the mine. The value of QAM will rise as a result of the company’s revenue and operations, and the holders’ passive income will rise.

QAM token will be marketable against traditional gold products, there will be no interest mechanism, but there will be a profit and loss sharing program as part of the incentive system. It can also be traded for gold at a later date.

Holders will be able to have a fixed minimum level of investment (the gold price) while also having the option to raise their investment through cryptocurrency trading.

How Does it Work?

Converting QAM Token Gold Certificates would allow investors to hedge against market volatility and avoid costly fiat-to-crypto conversions while providing a choice of ALA Mining commodities, including LBMA London Good Delivery (LGD) bars.

It is important to note that the QAM Token price will never go below the LBMA’s current gold price. Independent international third parties will conduct audits of the company’s gold reserves on an ongoing basis.

The pre-sale for QAM Tokens is currently underway and will conclude on April 30th, 2022. Investors will be able to buy 100 million QAM Tokens. A minimum of 10 QAM Tokens can be purchased. ETH, BTC, and BNB are all recognized coins.

ALA Mining

ALA Mining owns two exploitation licenses in Guinea totaling 198.66 square kilometers of gold-rich land and plans to buy two more. In fact, Guinea is Africa’s third-largest gold producer and the world’s 18th.

ALA Mining will use a unique algorithm to ensure price stability, value preservation, and the maintenance of a minimum price that matches the secondary market for each gram of gold.

Combining years of gold and diamond mining experience, the company will offer a solid investing approach that combines cryptocurrencies with consistent gold growth. It will eventually replace traditional mining with space mining.

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