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Pplpleasr’s Shibuya Platform Uses Ethereum

Web3 is allowing producers to reconsider their existing company structures. They also allow them to explore using innovative methods of simply bringing their ideas to reality.

Pplpleasr’s Shibuya Platform Uses Ethereum iBase Trading.
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Web3 is allowing producers to reconsider their existing company structures. They also allow them to explore using innovative methods of simply bringing their ideas to reality.

NFTs have previously been enlisted by artist Emily Pplpleasr Yang for a bunch of leading endeavors. Her most recent project, however, moves the attention to the video clips. Yang also wants to understand how NFTs might aid in the funding of large-scale projects.


Web3 Video Platform by Shibuya

The website went live today, prior to the general NFT mint early tomorrow. Shibuya is a straightforward video channel driven by Ethereum. This will not only enable producers to kickstart their movies and web series, but it will also give supporters a role within the artistic direction of every production.

Consider this a decentralized, video-focused Crowdfunding with the additions of NFT collection, potential recurring perks for supporters, and gamification features. Moreover, unlike other NFT-funded initiatives that limit watching to NFT holders, the platform will create the movies available for unrestricted viewing.

Shibuya is collaborating with White Rabbit on a new project. Maciej Kuciara, one of the co-founders, has created an anime-inspired web series. He’s a conceptual illustrator who has already contributed to a slew of Marvel Studios movies, notably Spider-Man, as well as other Hollywood hits.

Shibuya currently has the 48-second pilot for White Rabbit’s illustrated narrative. It’s a sneak peek at what’s to come, replete with hand-drawn animation reminiscent of Studio Ghibli.

Pplpleasr is passionate about creating a decentralized and more engaging approach to support long-form video productions. She worked as a VFX artist on movies including Wonder Woman and Star Trek Beyond and then became a famous NFT artist. She also works with Fortune and Steve Aoki as well as DeFi protocols including Uniswap.

Projects Funded by NFTs

To vote for whichever way, users will need to buy and generate a Producer Pass NFT and stake it. The data obtained from the voting will be respected by Kuciara. He will then include them in the upcoming episode of the movie.

Every episode has its distinct NFT pass, allowing viewers to choose the story’s path as the entire film takes hold. Shibuya is offering 5,000 overall NFT tickets for 0.08 ETH each. This will offer for the first episode of White Rabbit, with a limit of five per wallet. An NFT behaves as an act of shareholdings for a single digital product. According to DappRadar, the overall NFT business achieved $25 billion in trading volume in 2021.

Pplpleasr informed Decrypt through email that financing movies in Hollywood and through traditional methods are extremely political and complex. Accordingly, there are additional issues such as substantial documentation and legal procedures, as well as the necessity to escrow cash. Shibuya’s Web3 concept, she believes, is both more adaptable for artists and more engaging for followers. Individuals may simply bootstrap IPs and raise funds using Shibuya’s technique. This will make them much more involved.

Backers receive extra rewards in contrast to sponsoring possibly intriguing initiatives. Those that acquire and vote using Producer Pass NFTs in the instance of White Rabbit will obtain WRAB Ethereum-based tokens. This will symbolize widely dispersed ownership within the film. There are also small prizes for casting a vote earlier than usual and correctly predicting the overall champion for every poll.

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