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Phantasma Energy The World’s Future

In recent years, the proliferation of numerous blockchain platforms has been a phenomenon in the technology sector.

Phantasma Energy The World’s Future iBase Trading.
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In recent years, the proliferation of numerous blockchain platforms has been a phenomenon in the technology sector.

For wider use, however, quicker systems with cross-chain capabilities and other qualities that ease blockchain use cases are still necessary.


The primary message of the Phantasma team is that reliance on centralized systems for information sharing creates several risks to both individuals and enterprises.

Moreover, the expanding dApp ecosystem necessitates a method for securely exchanging data. Phantasma views its product as a remedy for these problems.

Phantasma was built to be a one-stop store for dApp users and blockchain developers.

Phantasma Token Supply

$SOUL is the symbol for the Phantasma Chain governance token, and the maximum initial supply is 94,000,000 tokens.

$SOUL governs the decentralized network of Phantasma Chain, as the staking function grants users and developers access to network resources and enables them to democratically select the network validators that are powering Phantasma Chain through its on-chain voting system.

To ensure long-term viability, the team has added inflation to the maximum supply of 94,000,000 $SOUL. The main purpose of the inflation is to maximize the quality of the ecosystem and sustain developer motivation to build dApps on Phantasma Chain.

The monthly payment of 125,000 $SOUL supplied to qualified Soul Masters is encoded as the annual inflation rate + 3 percent.

Major Upgrade

Even though Phantasma Chain just came out, the team that worked on it has already made a big change. The upgrade involves a comprehensive reworking of the software, the elimination of technical debt, and the facilitation of future feature additions and upgrades.

Backend cryptography is being updated to improve security and maintenance. Internal and external audits are performed on the complete code base.

In addition, one of the primary goals of this upgrade is to expedite the decentralization of Phantasma by facilitating the incorporation of new block producers. For scalability, the release will contain a new consensus method and enhanced on-chain governance.

Additionally, it includes a new smart contract debugger and testing framework. Additionally, a new, faster explorer with substantially more available data and analytics and an enhanced user interface.

Lastly, wallets that are user-friendly and designed for the best desktop and mobile experiences while maintaining the same business logic, allowing for simple backend optimization options.

Meet the Team

This incredible blockchain would not exist without the equally impressive team behind it.

Alexandre Paixo is one of Phantasma’s co-founders. He is knowledgeable in Product Management and Marketing. Additionally, Lee Kai Lee is a Co-Founder at Phantasma. He has Business Development experience and is responsible for PR, marketing, and product design. No LinkedIn account.

Sérgio Flores is an Engineer with 19 years of programming expertise. His area of expertise was Computer Graphics and game engines. Flores has also worked on the blockchain game Nacho-men, the cross-platform game engine TERRA, and the 3D video game Minimon. He is a Co-Founder of the Phantasma blockchain.

Bill Petridis is Phantasma’s, Chief Operating Officer. He formerly worked at Oracle, Telstra, and the Coles Group. Bill is a Solution Architect who understands how to design content management solutions and launch products. Previously a member of the team, Miguel F has gone.


This blockchain has the distinction of being the world’s first carbon-negative coin. This indicates that this supply chain will be environmentally friendly, a necessity in the present day.

Today’s blockchains are truly becoming more inventive in terms of what they can give to the public.

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