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Phantasma Energy The Eco-Friendly Blockchain

We are aware that the current state of our environment is precarious.

Phantasma Energy The Eco-Friendly Blockchain iBase Trading.
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We are aware that the current state of our environment is precarious.

Along with the left and right deforestation of our mountains and tropical rainforest, pollution is everywhere. Even mining contributes much to the destruction. Additionally, there is the never-ending waste that accumulates everywhere, including the seas.


When an organization removes more carbon than it emits, it is carbon negative. Adopting a science-based goal to limit emissions and offsetting or removing emissions that can’t be avoided is needed to reach net-zero emissions.

Hence, this NFT aspires to be carbon-negative. Ever heard of a blockchain that is carbon negative? Perhaps not, as Phantasma Energy desires to be a pioneer in this field.

No, we will not be discussing Science here, despite the fact that its name and token suggest otherwise. Phantasma Energy is a decentralized, single-source, entirely interoperable, feature-rich blockchain.

Overview of Phantasma Energy

Phantasma Energy has proven to be the most popular platform for gaming and NFTs.

With its unique staking mechanism, dual token system, sustainable tokenomics model, and superior eco-friendly smartNFTs, the chain is designed for dApp developers and enterprise clients to use for communications, entertainment, marketplaces, and on-chain storage solutions.

Not only due to its low minting and transaction fees but also because of its built-in smartNFT technology and vow to become the first carbon-negative blockchain.

SmartNFTs are non-fungible tokens having dynamic features that can alter in response to specific conditions. They let game creators create decentralized, dynamic in-game items, which is not achievable with regular NFTs.

Also, they allow NFTs that change over time, NFTs with multiple layers, NFTs with infused content, and content that only the NFT’s owner can see. NFTs could be made on demand for a small fraction of what it costs to make a blockchain right now.

Moreover, Phantasma Link provides an accessible bridge between dApps, wallets, and the blockchain. It supports cross-chain interoperability with the Ethereum, BSC, and NEO blockchains and has a high throughput due to its endless sidechains.


Token economy (tokenomics) serves as the basis for each blockchain and blockchain initiative that deploys its token. Token economics explain the very utility of money and tokens, as well as the reasons — or lack thereof — for their demand.

Without well-considered tokenomics, usage and adoption will not affect the demand for tokens; tokens must have adequate utility.

The two tokens used in Phantasma Energy’s economy are $SOUL and $KCAL. These tokens have multiple applications. Phantasma utilizes $SOUL and $KCAL to power NFTs, gaming, and dApps in a burgeoning blockchain-powered ecosystem, whereas other actors in the field primarily use their tokens to raise capital.

Good tokenomics must provide token holders with reasons to want their tokens, rewards for holding those tokens, and ways to use those tokens. For projects like Phantasma Energy that strive for longevity, tokenomics must likewise be sustainable.

$SOUL — Managing the Future and Releasing Latent Capacity

$SOUL is the governance token of the Phantasma blockchain, and $SOUL holders drive the evolution of Phantasma. Multiple benefits are granted to $SOUL holders.

Each token holder who stakes $SOUL gains voting power according to the quantity of SOUL staked and the length of their staking.

In the meanwhile, staking $SOUL generates $KCAL fuel tokens at a rate of 0.002 $KCAL per day per $SOUL staked. You may unstake and transfer your cash at any moment, except the first twenty-four hours after staking $SOUL or claiming $KCAL.

$KCAL Fuels Everything

$KCAL powers the whole Phantasma ecosystem and is necessary for every type of blockchain transaction, giving it a huge number of applications.

In brief, all actions on the Phantasma blockchain consume $KCAL, and all actions on the Phantasma blockchain consume $KCAL.

You will utilize $KCAL while executing transactions, staking, and unstacking. You can earn $KCAL through staking. It is also possible to conduct cross-chain swap transactions and cosmic swaps between native Phantasma assets.

When minting non-fungible tokens, deploying smart contracts, and deploying new tokens, you must also burn $KCAL.

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