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Ozzy Osbourne NFT Scam Link

An NFT project lost its investors after a corrupt link wash shared via  Twitter.

Thousands Stolen after Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT Shares Scam Link iBase Trading.
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An NFT project lost its investors after a corrupt link wash shared via Twitter. Scammers utilized a Twitter link published by Ozzy Osbourne’s official page to steal virtual currency. CryptoBatz NFTs were built in collaboration with Sutter Systems by the reality TV personality and Black Sabbath lead vocalist, with every one of the almost 10,000 cartoon bats receiving a distinct aesthetic.

How Did They Do it?

Scammers, on the other hand, exploited the shift in the initiative’s official Discord channel’s URL to pilfer thousands of dollars.


Gamers and NFT enthusiasts alike are familiar with the online community network Discord. Members of a Discord channel can quickly communicate with one another and exchange conversations and documents.

It is normal practice to send Discord links through short vanity URLs. Earlier tweets from the actual CryptoBatz Twitter handle that.  However, when the discord channel’s web URL shifted, fraudsters managed to put up a bogus server at the previous location.

Neither Osbourne nor Sutter Systems deleted the tweets referring to the old server. That is why individuals seeking to get on board the NFT ownership bandwagon were led straight to the crooks.

A total of 1300 persons were asked to verify their digital currency wallets. This is for them to participate in the fake group, according to The Verge. Tim Silman informed The Verge that after visiting the Discord server, he lost between $300 and $400.

Silman stated, “I’ve noticed at least a handful of individuals on Twitter raising this particular concern.” “If you examine the transactions, you’ll notice that others lost a lot more money than I did.”

The scammers’ wallet address received nearly 15 ether, the world’s second-largest virtual currency, in a short amount of time, worth over $40331.40 at the time.

Although Silman had notified his firm of the phony server’s existence, the tweets about it remained uncensored.

“I’ve mentioned them in a few tweets, and so have a few others, yet there has been no reaction. This is a costly lesson, he told The Verge.

NFT Salvaging the Problem?

Sutter System co-founder Jepeggi blamed Discord for the removal of the links when The Verge contacted the venture developers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been deceived. Even though Discord can’t be held liable for any damages. This pertains to the conduct of fraudsters who have taken advantage of their platform, the co-founder stated in his statement.

There have been numerous high-profile victims of Bitcoin fraudsters. This includes Ozzy Osbourne.

Last year, hackers gained access to the website of renowned street artist Banksy. Consequently, a collector paid US$336,000 for what they believed was the first genuine Banksy NFT. An examination of the piece shows that it is fake. On the other hand, the collector received a reimbursement, the expenses involved with moving digital currencies left them thousands of dollars out of money.

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