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For the water company Liquid Death, the artist created a series of flying, severed heads.

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For the water company Liquid Death, the artist created a series of flying, severed heads.

Will Carsola is the co-creator and artist of two Adult Swim animated shows. He’s now created an Ethereum NFT collection for Liquid Death, a canned water company.


“Mr Pickles” and “Momma Named Me Sheriff,” two of Carsola’s shows, are irreverent comedies that mix Americana with the grotesque and surreal. Carsola’s signature art style applies to his project. Specifically, it is a collection of 6,666 severed heads known as the Murder Head Death Club, as an NFT artist.

NFTs are one-of-a-kind tokens that exist on a blockchain like Ethereum and denote ownership of an asset like digital art, music, or even virtual real estate.

“My cousin Kevin Oberbauer showed me what was going on with some generative projects and suddenly it all clicked with me—the utility of NFTs had unlimited potential,” he said a year ago.

Designer Turned NFT Collector

An NFT of a work of art has lately occurred to me, and I must admit, it’s sort of insane. Even still, Carsola argued that owning something on the blockchain “makes so much more sense to me” in many circumstances.

What he creates and collects reflects the artist’s “grimey” style.

“Even when I was a bartender in my twenties, in between serving drinks, I’d draw people sitting at my bar on napkins.” “Sometimes people would come to the bar just to have me draw a bizarre portrait of them or a friend,” he explained.

Mutant Ape is Carsola’s favorite NFT; it is an evolution of the Bored Ape Yacht Club line that includes a variety of biological mutations.

A mushroom and a hotdog are growing from his body. Carsola detailed his ape in detail. In my manner, I just modified his features and renamed him Mutant Mike.”

Carsola explained his decision to work with Liquid Death by saying that CEO Mike Cessario’s vision for a company with funny, edgy marketing spoke to him.

“I liked the idea of a product whose marketing poked fun at corporations and advertising in general,” Carsola said. Another appealing feature, according to him, is the brand’s anti-plastic, pro-environment ethos.

Despite its efforts to appeal to consumers as an environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water, Liquid Death received backlash on social media when the Murder Head Death Club NFT collection was first announced.

Despite the canned water brand promising to offset 110 percent of all emissions from the project, many Liquid Death fans were unhappy with the NFTs. In addition, 10% of royalties from the Murder Head Death Club will go toward reducing plastic pollution. This is according to the artist.

According to Carsola, much of the opposition to NFTs stems from a lack of understanding of the technology.

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