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NFT Venture with Artist’s Lifework

Gabriel Dean Roberts a New York-based artist whose fine art photography has gained recognition in VOGUE and the NFT art community.

NFT Venture with Artist’s Lifework iBase Trading.
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Gabriel Dean Roberts a New York-based artist whose fine art photography has gained recognition in VOGUE and the NFT art community.

He produced over 200 original pieces across many marketplaces in 2021. Today he’s devised the most daring NFT endeavour ever presented.


What Does the NFT Sale Entail?

Certainly, Gabriel is offering ten years of his artistic life in the form of his original work labeled “Ω.” Its sale provides the owner with an additional monthly NFT of Gabriel’s most refined work at a level consistent with his famous style. They will release these artworks systematically on the first of each month until they fulfill the ten-year contract.

Furthermore, Ω has been constructed as a market cap NFT, guaranteeing that it is the most valuable NFT ever sold or resold. Gabriel claims that the 30,000 Ethereum (about 82 million USD) will shake the art industry and shift the public perceptions of smart contracts as a tool.

According to him, this NFT will transcend further than the first work itself as it will demonstrate to artists and everyone else the strength of the smart contract. He states that Ω is a stand-alone artwork that reflects the overwhelming power of this new age. It is the most significant sign of prestige, and the metaverse’s golden standard. According to the artist, Ω is the ideal indicator for this pivotal period in art.

Gabriel’s offering is one-of-a-kind in terms of scale and intricacy, as it incorporates luxurious amenities as well as worldwide acts of charity. These benefits include:

  • 120 original paintings created over ten years.
  • A unique Rolls Royce Ghost built by Gabriel.
  • A yearly celebration.
  • A home for and future artworks presented using Augmented Reality at the Louvre.
  • 1 million trees planted.
  • $1 million contributed to Doctors Without Borders.

Why is Ω Unique?

Gabriel believes that the magnitude of Ω generates a value and prestige prospect for the proprietor. He further states that Ω may even develop a societal and international value by creating a new norm for how luxury, art, and charity may coexist.

Ω, according to Gabriel, also tests the limits of the smart contract Superrare.com provides. All of the benefits and commitments associated with the sale of Ω encodes into the smart contract itself. The artist selected SuperRare.com. Since, in his opinion, it is the widest marketplace for NFTs, both in terms of creator selection and market presence. Furthermore, Ω has its own bespoke ERC-721 smart contract via SuperRar. It is giving the highest degree of digital art quality assurance and allowing for vividly specified attributes.

Gabriel states that if Beeple’s history-making paintings launched NFTs to the world, the sale of Ω would solidify the NFT’s relevance as the way forward in the art industry. According to him, whoever joins him on this living, he will recognize the breathing artistic adventure at the forefront of the most significant artistic revolution since the Renaissance, which Gabriel considers a noble legacy.

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