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Pieces of a non-fungible token (NFT) are made, sold, and traded all the time.

Arweave NFT Permanence iBase Trading.
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Pieces of a non-fungible token (NFT) are made, sold, and traded all the time. NFT tokens that are stored on smart contract platforms are as strong as the chain they live on. However, oftentimes NFTs’ actual digital assets, metadata, and code are stored off-chain on centralized servers.

So sometimes, this information is added to IPFS. If the wrong hard drive or node goes down, this information could be lost for good. Without the data and assets that come with them, such as digital graphics for an NFT-based art piece, NFTs are useless to the end-user.


Arweave keeps almost any amount of data on the chain for good. If this data is stored by a group of people around the world called miners, they store it many times and then get paid for doing so. Arweave is a great place to store the assets, metadata, and code that makeup NFTs. It’s long-lasting and reliable, so it’s perfect for this. Indeed, it’s safe to say that NFT creators who use Arweave can rest easy knowing that their NFT’s assets will be available hundreds of years from now.

Over the last month, there has been a big rise in the number of NFT projects that use Arweave 2.0.

InfiNFT Minting Platform

Avastars.io creators NFT42 are using Arweave for their new minting platform, InfiNFT. InfiNFT is a way for people to make their own fully on-chain collectibles. InfiNFT lets artists mint their own art and store it on the Arweave network completely on the blockchain, so they can keep their work safe at all times. Hence, ekaitza and AlottaMoney are two of the most well-known artists in the NFT space, and they’ve teamed up with the platform for their alpha launch. They’ll be giving all of their pieces away as one-of-a-kind runs.


The Mintbase.io platform lets anyone make, store, and mint NFT tokens for a wide range of things, like event tickets, art, and tokens for goods and services. NFTs can be made by individuals, groups, or organizations. In the Mintbase.io platform, the Arweave network is used as the backend storage. Thus, this takes advantage of Arweave’s strong promises about the availability and speed of data. There are almost 40,000 NFTs on the platform right now!

Machi X DAO

Machi X is a group of artists and people who like digital art. They organize and trade digital art. As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), some of the money they make from their sales goes back into the organization to help with future projects. Machi X recently sold all of their first NFTs.

Truly, they want to help people who aren’t from the mainstream world get to know people who are. They do this by combining art with collaboration. To see what has already been made and mined on the Arweave permanent web, go to the gallery here. You can see the pieces that have already been made and mined on the Arweave permaweb in the gallery. This is a very risky project that aims to bridge the gap between the crypto-native world and the mainstream world through art and community collaboration. You can also visit the Machi X Discord to chat with their community, or read more about the Machi X philosophy here.

People on the team at Arweave are excited to see new NFT projects join the Arweave soon!

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