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Telos New All-time High Price

Long-term investments, where solid principles outweigh a lack of short-term profits, are usually repaid by projects that continue to grow in the long run.

Telos New All-time High Price iBase Trading.
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Projects that continue to grow in the long run usually repay long-term investments, where solid principles outweigh a lack of short-term profits. This is accomplished at times like these by focusing on development and growth.

Telos is a blockchain network based on the EOSIO software. It aims to provide decentralized banking smart contracts with speed and scalability. Specifically, non-fungible currencies, entertainment, and social networking services have weathered the storms in the crypto markets. Indeed, it aims to set a new all-time high record.


TLOS has climbed 229% to a record peak of $1.39, according to statistics from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView, after steadily declining $0.42 on Jan. 10.

Due to different new collaborations that have increased awareness of the project that has contributed to its increased value and speed. For instance, tokens that are not fungible, decentralized financing activities on the TLOS network, and inclusion of the token in the Anchor wallet are all examples of what is happening.

Telos Collaborations Helps Brand Awareness

Telos network is seeing numerous new collaborations and collaborations which have served to raise general knowledge of the procedure. One of the most prominent connections was with DappRadar, which allows followers to keep track of decentralized applications on the Telos network.

The Telos Foundation recently announced a collaboration with BikeChain. This is a self-governing ride-sharing service that would use the Telos blockchain to execute every one of its operations.

New DeFi and NFT dApps

Again, the development of many innovative NFT and DeFi apps on the Telos network are contributing to driving liquidity and users to the protocol. Thus, it is a second reason attracting focus to the guidelines. For example, OmniDEX, the very first indigenous decentralized trade developed on the Telos network, was just released on the network.

Certainly, the TelosPunks NFT project, the cross-chain NFT marketplace tofuNFT, the NFT social media tool APPICS, as well as the AristotleDAO DeFi procedure are among the new Telos initiatives.

Wallet Integration with Anchor

Telos-related innovation involved greymass’ Anchor wallet with integration into the Telos environment. It coincided with the price hike.

Furthermore, TLOS owners may now safely enroll in the network’s many apps. Such application includes the Telos web wallet, Decided Voter, and the Staker One platform, thanks to this collaboration with Anchor.

The VORTECS Score is an algorithmic assessment of past and present market circumstances. Market mood, trading volume, recent price changes, and social media interaction data from Cointelegraph were all used to compile this.

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