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Neuralink’s Launch is Ready to Leverage AI

We are unsure if AI and robotics will help us adapt to a changing future.

Neuralink’s Launch is Ready to Leverage AI iBase Trading.
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We are unsure if AI and robotics will help us adapt to a changing future. Nonetheless, it appears that this type of change could take generations to occur.

On the other hand, machines begin from scratch. If they ever organize themselves without human intervention, we will perish.


The value systems that humans have used throughout history to govern communities, regardless of their effectiveness in bringing about substantial change, may soon become irrelevant.

Neuralink was spearheaded by Elon Musk. It has been entrusted with researching brain-computer interfaces, which are presumably intended to blur the distinction between human and machine, making his new remarks even more intriguing.

This has always been Musk’s number one priority. The billionaire CEO has often stated that machines would eventually overtake humanity, a warning sign that should inspire us to employ cutting-edge technologies to circumvent the problem.

“Robot Era”

Neuralink presented a video update on its technology at its launch. The company manufactures brain-computer interfaces, or BCIs — brain implants that detect and transmit impulses to a computer.

Pager, a macaque, sits in front of a screen as a narrator narrates how he had two Neuralinks implanted in his brain six weeks earlier.

Pager is playing Pong. According to the narrator, he did not use a controller or joystick, but rather his mind. As with every Elon Musk endeavor, this Neuralink video generated much buzz. However, brain-computer connections are not a novel notion.

“Is Neuralink novel?” has been the question ever since its announcement. Musk believes Neuralink has the potential to restore full-body functionality to a person with a spinal cord injury. His team is evaluating Neuralink to ensure it’s safe, reliable, and easily removable in monkeys.

Next year, pending FDA (Food and Drug Administration) permission, his team hopes to provide this treatment to the first humans, who will have severe spinal cord injuries such as tetraplegics and quadriplegics.

Beforehand, Neuralink displayed a chip embedded in a pig named Gertrude.

Demonstrating proof of concept, the chip accurately predicted the position of Gertrude’s limbs as she walked on a treadmill and recorded neural activity when the pig sniffed for food. Musk stated that the pig had been living for two months with the chip implanted in her skull.

Neuroscientists are impressed with Neuralink’s ability to bundle existing technologies, even though none of the technologies it has presented thus far are particularly innovative.

In the near future, a chip implanted in the brain could aid in the treatment of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s.


As this is still a blockchain, you could still buy and sell tokens. In fact, you can purchase various works of art from their website using cryptocurrencies. Soon, the team will introduce its play-to-earn feature

We have yet to see this blockchain’s full potential. Nevertheless, knowing Musk, he undoubtedly has something up his sleeve.

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