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Neo Doubles Its Ecosystem

The most feature-rich blockchain platform for developing decentralized applications, Neo has added three new grant programs to its Eco Support ecosystem.

Neo Doubles Ecosystem with Three New developer Grant Initiatives iBase Trading.
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The most feature-rich blockchain platform for developing decentralized applications, Neo. Neo has added three new grant programs to its Eco Support ecosystem. Specifically, these are General, Core Developer, and Research Grants are among the new programs. The Foundation has now committed a total of $200 million to Eco Support grant initiatives due to these additions.

The release of Neo N3 marked a watershed moment in Neo’s quest to build the best blockchain for DApp developers. According to Erik Zhang, the founder, and core developer, they are proud of and grateful to the members of our dedicated and growing global community of developers who made this historic achievement possible. It prioritizes the success of the Neo blockchain through these initiatives by investing in their most valuable asset: the Neo community.


Specifically, the three new programs round out the Eco Support ecosystem’s program tracks. It provides a new level of comprehensiveness to drive the continued growth of the industry’s most developer-friendly blockchain. These new grant programs, in detail, address the following topics:

Grants for Core Developers

The Core Developer Grants Program encourages developers who have contributed significantly to the Neo core codebase to apply to become core developers. Those chosen can contribute to becoming deeply involved in Neo’s technical and engineering decisions.

Certainly, the core developers can receive a one-year fellowship with a monthly stipend and quarterly grants based on continued active contributions to selected Neo repositories and the ability to build influence and personal brand in the industry.

Program for General Grants

The General Grants Program is intended to kickstart experienced development teams’ contributions to the its ecosystem. The program’s primary goal is to fund the creation of tools and infrastructure for the Neo N3 blockchain. Typical funding ranges between $5,000 and $50,000.

Furthermore, grants are available for complex new and existing projects with significant new capabilities or upgrades. Project funding, guidance from Neo core developers and other technical leads, and access to developer community events such as the Neo Community Assembly are the benefits available to development teams selected for this program.

Program for Research Grants

Finally, the Research Grants Program supports applied research to promote the blockchain industry’s continuous growth and development. This program seeks applications from forward-thinking researchers from universities, research institutes, laboratories, and consultancies.

Grantees will demonstrate their ability to make real-world improvements to the blockchain in areas relevant to the Neo Foundation’s vision and roadmap. In fact, grant funding can typically range from $10,000 to $100,000.

NEO High-Priority Issues

Currently, the Neo Foundation will prioritize grant applications that can address any of the following areas:

NeoFS: It is a scalable and private distributed data storage solution. Prioritized projects that will develop comprehensive applications based on NeoFS or infrastructure that will increase the utility of the NeoFS service.

Oracle: An in-built oracle that allows secure access to any off-chain data. Prioritized projects that will create a decentralized, safe, and stable price feed service for De-Fi, NFTs, and games in the Neo ecosystem.

NeoID: Redefine trust, give users complete control over their identity data, and integrate seamlessly with existing business systems. Prioritized projects built with NeoID that provide users with decentralized identity services or credential issuers that provide authentication services.

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