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More Value in Thorchain Mainnet than Gold Vaults

The TehColeSlaw Twitter thread expresses typical ThorChain investor psychology, which is intriguing and engaging to read for those on ThorChain who can relate.

THORChain Soars by 35% as DeFi Sector Turns Bullish iBase Trading.
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The TehColeSlaw Twitter thread expresses typical ThorChain investor psychology, which is intriguing and engaging to read for those on ThorChain who can relate. Just as Thorchain was launching the Single-Chain Chaos net, my capital and attention were ready to wander.

The Blogger’s Opinion

My attention then shifted to THORChain, low-market cap gem hunting in the DerivDeFi sector, and other L1 ecosystems (SOL, AVAX, and Terra). THORChain triumphed in the ensuing battle for my interest. It delivers, performs, and ships. I’ve discovered a place to call home.


Currently, I’m a legendary squirrel of concentration, dedication, and sheer willpower. I am the owner of your RUNE. This rodent with a tail has arrived in Valhalla. RUNE, in my opinion, is the best low-market-cap treasure on the market.

I realize it’s entertaining to speculate on currencies worth one-hundredth of RUNE’s market capitalization. The addressable market for THORChain, on the other hand, is the top 100 most economically beneficial tokens in all of crypto. It’s a collection of all DeFi projects combined into one.

THORchain: Third most important Crypto

It is the third most important cryptocurrency, after Bitcoin and Ethereum. Eventually, this ecosystem could result in a slew of new projects with their very own tokens. Perhaps acorns from and for a mythical squirrel? Or whatever it is that Yggdrasil drops.

I’ve had several decades of experience with Wall Street financial requests. Moreover, I started as an exploration critic. I eventually build an investment bank around my unique tenacity. Looking back, I’ve been involved with cryptocurrency since 2016. I am familiar with the intersection of cryptocurrency and finance.

Sometimes I believe I am now getting a second chance at my first job. I’ll do everything I can to stay on the cutting edge of this environment. Many of the new initiatives have been introduced to me. Also, if you have any new initiatives in mind, please do not hesitate to contact me. Seriously.

Asgard awaits!

Finally, I’m experiencing a degree of professional involvement that I haven’t felt in a long time. Presently, I use Twitter to share my opinions and research findings, and I’ve only recently started using Medium. This is my first blog entry. When I get out with the people from Qi Capital,

I’m a member of the THORChain development discord and telegram channels. I am found in a variety of areas. Squirrels are always on the lookout. On top of THORChain, I anticipate a crypto-native financial market will emerge. Not only will it have tokens, but it also yield curves, fix income, futures, options, leverage, and structures tokens, all of which TradFi can only dream of.

Maybe even a wallet-oriented node-backed state machine that controls leverage provisioning and the periodic requirement for liquidations across all of these products-an automated FTX-alongside the world’s most significant vault-THORChain Mainnet-will emerge.

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