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MOBI Network’s Blockchain

The platform recently signed a deal with a trade group called MEF that will help with big projects like measuring tailpipe pollution.

MOBI Network’s Blockchain iBase Trading.
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The platform recently signed a deal with a trade group called MEF that will help with big projects like MOBI’s measuring tailpipe pollution.

If you think about the world’s GDP when it comes to car companies, MOBI is already very important. Most of the world’s biggest telecommunications companies are part of the Metro Ethernet Forum, which formed in 2001.


A lot of people are starting to use its Trust Network (ITN). It includes blockchain-based trust anchors, decentralized identity verification, digital twins of cars and parts, and digital copies of them. It also includes digital copies of them. There is only one-use case that’s more important than all the rest: saving Earth.

MOBI are in a lot of ways good for the environment, social, and government (ESG). There is a pilot project with the European Commission that tracks exhaust emissions from more than 280 million cars that have been registered.

This is called the Paris Conundrum, or the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change. It’s one of the hardest to figure out. As this is the first time that tailpipe emissions can be reliably identified on a large scale, this is important.

MOBI co-director Chris Ballinger says that transportation is the main source of CO2 emissions in most countries that are rich. The MEF connects people, sends messages, and exchanges money, among other things. IoT and unique identifiers for things that aren’t in one place will help things be found in space and time.

MOBI’s Digital Twins

The MOBI DID, or Decentralized Identifier (ID), is a digital version of a car. It finds a car. There is no need for centralized registries, identity providers, or certificate authorities to check your digital identity because you can do it yourself.

Tram Vo, a co-director of MOBI, says that there are now a lot of different carbon accounting standards, but they don’t always work well together. With its consensus, immutability, track-and-trace features, and digital identity standards, blockchain technology makes an excellent foundation for the future of business and government.

Vo said that for Web 3 commerce, everything needs to have a digital twin, like a picture of the thing. In order to make sure that the digital twin is trustworthy, it links to a DID. This DID is then checked against the credentials of the ecosystem.

The MOBI system has two communication channels, one for delivery and one for broadcasting, so that people can talk to each other. One of these channels is Citopia, which is a private communication channel that lets businesses use smart contracts to automate their work.

Perfect solution: Pay-as-you-go

The trustless Citopia layer will look into using real IDs to reward pollution and traffic jams.

EGS’s G or governance part can be with in a number of ways, Ballinger said in a speech. MOBI is trying to figure out how to deal with the G or governance and environment part of EGS.

There are $27 trillion worth of roads, but there’s no good way to pay for them, Ballinger says. In the long run, I think pay-as-you-go will replace the gas tax. There’s a lot of talk about how to charge for roads and fill in the gaps in infrastructure.

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