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Metaverse’s Virtual Offices

Companies have already been leveraging the metaverse to push their enterprises into the digital realm, through virtual meetings and brand presentations.

Metaverse’s Virtual Offices iBase Trading.
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Companies have already been leveraging the metaverse to push their enterprises into the digital realm, through virtual meetings and brand presentations.

In Search engines, the term metaverse has seen a significant drop in popularity. Despite the fact that the buzz is fading, it appears that businesses are still eager to plunge their toes further into the virtual environment.


Companies have created or announced proposals to construct metaverse offices for virtual meetings with overseas clients. It also includes internal innovation facilities, as well as improving social connection with customers only in March.

Although they are just seeing early prototypes of metaverse workplaces, they appear to be a glimpse into the future of work.

Atom has Opened a Metaverse Workplace

Atom is known as an events company that is based in Mumbai. They just recently decided to open a metaverse office. The company bought digital space in Decentraland. They are planning to use it as a unique means to communicate or engage with their international clients. They will also be using it for future metaverse events, according to the business.

During a discussion, Atom’s executive director, Yash Kulshreshtha, stated that the move intends to grow the firm’s international operations. They will be serving newer generations. Kulshreshtha remarked that today’s youthful generation will be considering it entirely normal.

Guests mostly to the workspace will have accessibility to a comprehensive metaverse professional encounter. It also includes engaging societal interaction. Even this milestone, according to KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu, aids mostly in the development of the metaverse and blockchain. KuCoin will be looking at metaverse as well as blockchain tech implementation situations.

It is indeed fascinating to observe how various cryptocurrency firms and network operators handle things in Metaverse. It is a critical component of KuCoin’s long-term strategy. The firm’s continued work with Bloktopia sets the path for new possibilities throughout the virtual society of the future. KuCoin Meta Office has unveiled its doors in Bloktopia’s Skyscraper. They will be ushering in a new era of user interaction.

Bjarke Ingels Creates the World’s first Virtual Workplace

Ingels is a prominent Danish architect. He is the creator and design associate of Bjarke Ingels Group. A contemporary metaverse workplace in Decentraland was designed by Bjarke Ingels Group in collaboration with Vice Media’s development firm Virtue Futures. The online facility, branded the Viceverse office, will serve as a center for Vice Media Group staff.

Morten Grubak is the Virtue Futures CEO. He characterized the workplace as an experimental playground in a statement. Accordingly, it will be permitting its employees to explore with nonfungible coins, decentralized autonomous organizations, as well as Web3.

SCB 10x, Siam Commercial Bank’s venturing division has announced intentions to open a virtual workplace in The Sandbox. The office will open eventually in 2022, as per the statement. They will be using it to communicate with the worldwide building industry.

Guests to such a digital workplace will be fortunate enough to participate in key events. They will also be allowed to partake in product demos, as well as explore specially designed surroundings in addition to engaging with society.

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