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MetaMask Bug Threatens Assets

MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet service, discloses a vulnerability that might affect a very tiny percentage of its users.

MetaMask Bug Theatens Assets iBase Trading.
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MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet service, discloses a vulnerability that might affect a very tiny percentage of its users. The flaw that the blockchain security firm Halborn discovers might allow a malicious attacker. They might be able to obtain a user’s secret rescue phrase jeopardizing the cash.

This problem affects numerous online crypto wallets and enables an attacker to retrieve a personal computer’s secret restoration phrase. As they mentioned earlier, the issue affects just a tiny percentage of MetaMask users.


This is due to the fact that the user must satisfy three requirements in order to be vulnerable to this attack. The first is to utilize a hard disk that did not have protection. The client would need to export the private recovery phrase from the MetaMask web application to a vulnerable device in this case. The second method is to use the crypto wallet extension from an unsafe PC. Finally, during the import procedure, choose the Show Secret Recovery Phrase checkbox.

Vulnerable individuals may consider transferring cash from accounts created by that Secret Recovery Phrase creates to new ones. They generate this using a different Secret Recovery Phrase. The 1Password group, a prominent password manager, recognizes and explores this issue. However, any feasible treatment may become worse than the illness.

NFT MetaMask’s Coin

The crypto wallet operator creates a relocation guide to assist users in transferring money to a new wallet. In this regard, the business encourages customers who fit these parameters and those who suspect they may meet them to follow the advice. This material is available on the following website.

Users who intend to move to a new wallet should have enough cash to cover the requisite gas expenses, according to the wallet provider. Relying on the participant’s finances and the smart contracts keeping or administering those assets might become pricey.

Consideration should be given to assets that adhere to the Ethereum ETC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 specifications. Moreover, the wallet operator warns that if they hack an account, a sweeper bot may have been installed on it. If that’s the situation, they may send tokens to the assailant’s address as soon as they obtain them.

Is MetaMask Account Secure?

According to MetaMask, the weakness affects primarily macOS, Linux, and Windows users who use Google Chrome, Firefox, or Chromium-based internet browsers. For this issue, the organization will adopt mitigation.

In this regard, all customers’ should upgrade their crypto wallets to version 10.11.3. Clients must also contact MetaMask Support if they need extra help or data.

Halborn receives a $50,000 reward from the firm. The crypto wallet provider creates HackerOne 2 days later. This is to engage with the security industry to uncover weaknesses in the wallet and keep ahead of Web3 attacks.

The project began with four security levels and several rewards. Moreover, low security discoveries will receive $1,000, medium $2,000, high $15,000, and crucial will receive $50,000 for any finding.

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