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Making the Enjin Platform Free

The Enjin Platform is now open-source, allowing anyone, anywhere to create fungible tokens and NFTs and incorporate them into their program.

Making the Enjin Platform Free iBase Trading.
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The Enjin Platform is now open-source, allowing anyone to create fungible tokens and NFTs and incorporate them into their program.

The Enjin platform is the simplest way to generate non-fungible tokens (NFTs), cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain-related items. It integrates them into any software.


Since its start, it has attracted over 1,500 projects. It generates over 3.6 billion assets for games, apps, websites, rewards programs, marketing campaigns, event souvenirs, access codes, and more.

We’ve made it our mission to lower the hurdles to adoption to zero over the last three years, and we’re far from finished.

We want developers across all market segments to integrate blockchain in minutes, not hours or days. As we continue on our mission to make technology accessible to everyone, everywhere, we’re pleased to announce that the Enjin Platform is now free to use.

Our goal is to expand our product ecosystem—and better prepare our consumers and developers to contribute to it—by focusing on open-source, collaboration, and resources.

Free Enjin Platform

Subscription fees are no longer charged on the Enjin platform as of today.

With no monthly subscription, you may now create an infinite number of tokens and build full-fledged game and app integrations on the platform. The Enjin Coin (ENJ) used to back assets is the only expense, and as we’ve seen, the return on that investment can be huge.

As a corporation, our mission is to foster an environment of creativity by releasing the full potential of the brilliant minds that surround us. As a result, we believe that more great minds will join the movement.

Open-Source SDKs

Our SDKs have demonstrated that integrating blockchain into games and apps takes far less time and effort.

Today, we’d like to challenge the development community to dismantle these tools and reassemble them in a way that best suits their projects. You can replicate these assets using future SDKs such as C# and C++.

We hope you’ll be able to share them with other developers and possibly make some money by selling them through Enjin Labs, our upcoming resource shop.

Enjin Labs: Blockchain Apps & Resources

The all-star cast of developers highlighted on our Powered by Enjin website is already producing fantastic things.

With Enjin Labs, we hope to provide a platform for these and other innovators. This will discuss their ideas while also earning extra money to help support future development.

Enjin Labs, a blockchain resource catalog, will allow us to highlight the best plugins, SDKs. Its upgrades are available to make blockchain use as simple as possible.

Suppose you’re an entrepreneur interested in incorporating blockchain into your company. In that case, this page will be a wonderful resource for you to visit to stay up to date on the latest developments in blockchain.

If you’re a blockchain resource developer, this is the area to show off your work to a larger audience. Enjin Labs will debut later this year, so stay tuned.

Enjin Marketplace: An Opportunity for All

The Enjin Marketplace has been a vital commerce location for anyone looking to sell their goods, with a trading volume of 7.8 million ENJ and over 580,000 things traded.

Our goal with the marketplace is to establish a sustainable monetization approach for exceptional initiatives.

Our official adopters will receive the 2.5 percent transaction fee for all Marketplace deals. These involve the tokens they produced as a future step toward this aim.

Following that, we’ll focus on automated solutions. These will enable game and app makers to earn more money in more creative ways.

In addition, we’re releasing the closed-beta version of our Marketplace API to our early adopters. It will allow them to incorporate multiverse marketplaces into their games and apps, allowing for a smooth, cross-platform marketplace experience.

Users will be able to purchase products without leaving the app. They particularly will select an item to purchase. They will scan a QR code with their wallet, and finally, follow the on-screen instructions to acquire their new purchase.

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