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MakerDAO Teams Up With Community Gaming

MakerDAO and Community Gaming have teamed up to launch the Crypto Maker Series, a series of competitions aimed at encouraging the use of the DAI stablecoin through esports. The collection is made up of nine tournaments featuring three famous titles in Latin America.

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MakerDAO and Community Gaming have teamed up to launch the Crypto Maker Series. It is a series of competitions aiming at encouraging the use of DAI stablecoin through esports. The collection consists of nine tournaments featuring three famous titles in Latin America.

With the enhancement of the Crypto Maker Series, Latin Americans can now double their bets on esports! Nine flash occasions for CS: GO, Free Fire, and Dota2 will take place in the very last months of 2021.


Cryptocurrency Maker Series

The Series is unquestionably one of Community Gaming’s many event collections. The goal is to educate and improve the interconnection between the esports and blockchain industries.

As blockchain generation grows in Latin America, the collection hopes to serve as a catalyst for esports events powered by the web3 movement. Educating and introducing Latin American expertise to those traits constitutes equipping them with the expertise and assets. These are essential to take part in this new generation of virtual competition.

Each partner has spearheaded this program in the hopes of teaching and guiding the region’s gamer population in the use case and flexibility of cryptocurrencies, with DAI serving as the central hub.

Because of the wide range of digital wallets and networks that support it, DAI is an excellent entry factor into the blockchain environment. It allows not only trade for local currency via exchanges but also avoids the volatility that many different cryptocurrencies face.

Unlike other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which set their prices based on market supply and demand. While DAI maintains its price by over-collateralizing crypto assets. Particularly ETH, which remains tethered to the cost of the USD.

This ensures that at the back of every DAI there are continually greater crypto belongings helping their cost in the market. Prizes may be provided to the top eight in every event, resulting in more than three hundred crypto recipients in the span of a few months.


The series will take place in November and December 2021 and may be open to gamers from the Southern Region of Latin America.

Due to the style of esports presented through the series, every event will introduce distinctive groups to the use and expertise of cryptocurrencies in Latin America. All competitions are open to the public and will be televised on the respected Community Gaming Latin America networks.

MakerDAO is a decentralized, self-sustaining organization. It primarily based on a chain of open supply smart contracts that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Humans from all around the world who own the project’s governance token, MKR, are in charge of it.

Through a systematic governance system that includes governance surveys and executive votes, MKR holders control the Maker Protocol. On the other hand, DAI economic dangers to ensure its stability, transparency, and efficiency.

The organization’s network portal, professional discussion board, and Twitter can all be used to learn more about it.

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