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Litecoin: Is it a Smart Buy?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that employs peer-to-peer software to swiftly make payments anywhere on the globe, explains Ben Weiss, CEO, and co-founder of CoinFlip, the world's biggest crypto ATM supplier.

Litecoin: is it a Smart Buy? iBase Trading.
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Litecoin is a cryptocurrency that employs peer-to-peer software to swiftly make payments anywhere on the globe. Ben Weiss, CEO, and co-founder of CoinFlip, the world’s biggest crypto ATM supplier explains.

Litecoin is the very first viable alternative virtual currency, or altcoin. Because of its comparable nature to Bitcoin as well as the fact that it has built a market on its own.


The cryptocurrency is one of the oldest and most well-known altcoins, emerging in October 2011 by computer scientist Charlie Lee. It should be a lighter variant of Bitcoin. With transactions four times faster and a relatively low charge of 5 cents.

According to Tyrone Ross Jr., CEO of Onramp Invest, a software corporation that offers direct exposure to cryptoassets for enrolled investment advisors. Mining a block of Litecoin can be every 2.5 minutes. As opposed to the 10 minutes required to mine a block of Bitcoin, allowing the altcoin to manage more transactions.

According to Daniel Rodriguez, director of operations at Hill Wealth Strategies, a financial advisory firm in Richmond, Virginia, transaction speed is critical for both clients and businesses if the virtual currency is to become a globally acknowledged form of payment.

Litecoin, like Bitcoin, is based on an open-source payments system that is not centralized. Litecoin, on the other hand, has a far bigger supply cap of 84 million LTC relative to Bitcoin’s 21 million.

Weiss claims that Litecoin is very stable compared to other altcoins that emerged at about the same time since it regularly ranks in the top 15 digital currencies by market valuation.

Litecoin compared to Bitcoin

Major supporters of Litecoin expect that more utilization and implementation on a larger scale will surely improve its worth, which we have started to witness lately, he says, indicating that Litecoin’s price has climbed faster than Bitcoin’s in percentage terms since May.

Weiss explains that Litecoin is a terrific prospect to invest in. If you are keen on engaging with a technology that facilitates rapid and cost-effective borderless transactions.

Litecoin’s cost-effectiveness and dependability also make it a good choice for newcomers to alternative digital currencies. While Litecoin now trades for less than $200, one Bitcoin values at well over $36,000.

Some, on the other hand, are far less enthusiastic about the altcoin. While Litecoin may be a decent theoretical move, Ross believes it is not a suitable investment.

There aren’t many examples of investors employing it effectively. Then there’s the fact that Litecoin’s founder has sold all of his coins except a few to preserve as keepsakes, which Ross considers to be a red flag.

He argues that although there is no real investment foundation for Litecoin. It may be a nice trade for someone who has no concern with these issues and simply interests in price motion. For investors who are picky about whether or not Litecoin is a solid investment, it is by far the worst.

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